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Summer Study

In addition to programs and camps, Mansfield ISD also provides summer study suggestions to help students prepare for the upcoming school term. In some instances, these studies are requirements in order to participate in a class.

Summer Reading Challenge

To help support students’ in grades K-6 growth and reading progress this summer, Mansfield ISD has partnered with Learning A-Z to launch a Summer Reading Challenge.

MISD is committed to helping create brighter futures for our students through technology-enabled literacy resources, and through this program we want to encourage students to continue using their Raz-Plus resources during the summer months. (Studies have shown that more than 85% of students using Raz-Plus prevented a loss in reading skills and made gains in reading performance from pre- to post-testing.)

For more information, please visit the Summer Reading Challenge website or contact your ELAR teacher.

English/Language Arts/Reading (ELAR)

Grades 5-8 and English I-IV
During the school year, Mansfield ISD asks students to independently read books of their choice. Research shows that lapses in exercising a skill or performing an activity can cause that ability to diminish over time. The same goes for reading.

In an effort to ignite a passion for reading and promote literacy for ALL students, MISD recommends that students continue to read over the summer months. While summer reading is NOT a requirement for Grades 5-8 and English I-IV, we do encourage students to read over the summer. Here are some options for independent reading over the summer:

Intermediate Schools Summer Reading (Grades 5-6)
Middle School Schools Summer Reading (Grades 7-8)
High Schools Summer Reading (English I, II, III, IV)

AP Language and AP Literature students
MISD requires all advanced placement (AP) students to participate in a summer reading study. Statistics prove that reading widely and deeply improves test scores and increases student success both in college and in their future careers. The titles students read during the summer are also a great way to begin the new school year with a shared experience for discussion and writing.

AP Language Summer Reading
AP Literature Summer Reading