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Mansfield ISD is dedicated to creating a secure and friendly environment for all. Students and staff members perform better in an environment where they feel safe and protected.

“This is Our House” is a district initiative to inform the community about MISD’s holistic safety initiatives, which cover physical safety and social-emotional wellness. It includes ways to be proactive about safety and security while also outlining resources to seek help.We are all in this together, and by working together, we can continue making Mansfield ISD a safe place for everyone.

See Something, Say Something

This is our house. So if you ever see any suspicious activity, or want to report someone who may be in danger of harming others or themselves, report it anonymously using the appropriate reporting button below.

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Report Bullying   Report a Threat   Report a Crime  
Report Inappropriate content

We take all reports very seriously. After a submission is made, district and campus administrators will launch an investigation and contact the parties involved about any necessary next steps.

Please note that these reporting tools are not monitored 24/7. If immediate help is needed, call 911. Counselors are available during regular school hours on every campus to assist students.
Physical Safety

If problems are caught early, it can prevent disasters from occurring. The MISD Police Department works together with the MISD Safety and Security Department to oversee functions related to safety, security and threat assessment for the entire school district.

The Police Department assigns one or more officers to every MISD campus, while other officers are assigned to investigative or support positions. The department has 64 full-time sworn officers, eight civilian personnel and 57 school crossing guards. 

The MISD Safety and Security Department developed a safety and security framework that utilizes a balanced approach between different initiatives to promote student, staff and visitor safety. The multiple layers of the safety and security framework are:

  • Hardening of Campuses (Physical Security)
  • Collaborative Safety and Security Culture
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment and Risk Mitigation
  • Emergency Management
Emotional Safety

Building relationships with all stakeholders—students, staff, parents and community members—is key to a thriving district. The MISD Guidance and Counseling Department works in partnership with the MISD Social and Emotional Learning Department to create positive learning and working environments for all.

School counselors support our students’ pursuit of academic, emotional, and social success, while relational practices help them understand and manage their emotions in order to make meaningful relationships with others and make responsible decisions. We also empower parents with the tools they need to continue these practices at home.

Counselors are available during regular school hours on every campus to assist students, but we also want to make sure our students have resources during non-school hours when they may need assistance. A list that provides options for assistance 24 hours a day is available here.

By working together, we can continue making Mansfield ISD a safe place for everyone.- Dr. Kimberley cantu, Superintendent