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Attendance Zone Planning

The Process

In January of 2005, the Mansfield ISD School Board met in a Called Meeting and approved a process that will be used for future school zoning. The process approved was as follows:

  1. Board establishes zoning considerations (guidelines)
  2. Demographer develops zoning options
  3. Administration reviews options for feasibility over time
  4. Attendance Zone Review Committee established
  5. Public comment on all options
  6. Attendance Zone Review Committee analyzes all options, presents pros/cons of each option
  7. Executive Council reviews Attendance Zone Review Committee products
  8. Superintendent recommends new attendance zones to School Board
  9. School Board approves new attendance zones*

*The School Board has the option to request further information and delay final approval of any zone option.

The Priorities

The Mansfield ISD School Board met in a Work Session (original meeting Dec. 2004; updated October 25, 2011) and determined priorities for future Attendance Zone Planning. They determined zoning tasks to be:

  1. identify geographic areas to be served by each campus;
  2. relieve current and/or projected overcrowding; and
  3. contribute to stability over time.

Priorities are decided as follows:
The priorities which follow are to be considered as a part of the process of establishing new attendance zones. Priorities are of equal weight in the process.

All Campuses
Appropriately utilize facilities over time
Move the fewest number of students the fewest number of times

Elementary School Considerations
Current and future growth patterns
Projected future elementary school campus sites
Natural and man-made barriers
Other issues such as transportation and special programs

Intermediate and Middle School Considerations
Current and future growth patterns
Projected future intermediate and middle school sites
Natural and man-made barriers
Other issues such as transportation and special programs

High School Considerations
Current and near future growth patterns
Plus, other issues such as transportation, neighborhoods and natural and man-made barriers

Frequently Asked Questions on Attendance Zone Committees

How are members of the Attendance Zone Committee selected?

Interested parties apply online. A random drawing is conducted of the applications received to determine the committee members.

What is the role of the Attendance Zone Committee?

The Attendance Zone Committee is an advisory group that seeks community input. The Committee provides community feedback for consideration during the attendance zoning process.

Who will recommend the final map option to be considered by the MISD School Board of Trustees?

The MISD Executive Council will review community feedback and the Attendance Zone Review Committee’s recommendation(s) and subsequently make a recommendation to the Superintendent. The Superintendent makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.