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About Us

The Mansfield ISD Children's Center, established in 2005, provides a high-quality early childhood program. Our program recognizes that children are unique individuals and all aspects of their growth follow a pattern that may not be at the same rate as the next child.

Our Goals & Philosophy

Teacher helping a student write out her name

Children learn best through active learning experiences and play. Therefore, our goal is to provide an environment and a curriculum, which is developmentally appropriate for young children and flexible enough to meet their individual needs. This type of setting offers opportunities for children to develop to their full potential physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

The Children’s Center welcomes all children regardless of language, class, culture, race or family structure. The Children’s Center provides an academic laboratory facility through which high school level students within the Mansfield ISD Child Development Program and related fields can study child growth and development principles while gaining practical experience for working with young children. NOTE: The Children’s Center does not hire high school students, nor are they counted in the child-to-staff ratios we provide.

Our Educational Program

Teacher assisting a student with sequncing letters of the alphabet

A professionally trained teaching staff provides a well-rounded developmental program for the children using the Frog Street curriculum for our preschool class and the MISD Pre-K curriculum for our Pre-K class. The high school students participate in the program on a limited basis. Our staff is always in charge of the classrooms, and the children are never left alone with students, volunteers and/or visitors.

Time is allotted each day for whole group activities, small group activities, self-selected activities, essential routines and related services. The Children’s Center program provides a setting for learning in keeping with each child’s age and developmental stage, maturity, size, needs and capabilities. This allows for the full span of developmental levels, which exist in any group.

To provide such a setting, the approach to teaching is informal, yet individual. This includes a wide range of materials arranged into interest centers providing each child a variety of experiences and opportunities for freedom of choice. Each child is encouraged to discover and develop individual skills and interests while participating in the Children’s Center program.