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Aspiring Leaders Training

Aspiring Leaders Training replaces Administrative Leadership Training and is intended for all current professionals (teachers, counselors, specialists, librarians) who aspire to become campus leaders. The sessions provide prospective candidates with a broad overview of effective leadership practices and preparation techniques for interviews.

NOTE: Participation in this training is not a requirement for MISD administrative positions and does not guarantee the participant a future administrative position within MISD.

Program Guidelines

  • Target audience: any campus leader - teachers, instructional specialists/coaches, counselors and librarians.
  • You must be able to attend all four sessions. Location, dates and times of the meetings to be decided.
  • A Master’s degree is not required to participate.
  • Registration: Email your resume and interest letter to TamekaPatton@misdmail.org.

For more information, please contact Dr. Tameka Patton at TamekaPatton@misdmail.org or 817-299-6318.


  • Dr. Tameka Patton, Executive Director of Elementary Schools & Equity