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All Mansfield ISD students will start school on Wednesday, Aug. 12 as planned, but instruction will be given solely online until Sept. 8. Mansfield ISD will offer a virtual option, called MISD Virtual Learning Academy, for families choosing not to return for in-person instruction in the fall. The academy will be administered online and consist of daily teacher/student interactive lessons in each subject area.

Under the current order, all students will begin school on Wednesday, Aug. 12 remotely. To get an overview of what instruction will look like for the beginning of the 2020-21 school term, please view the Fall 2020: What Will Learning Look Like board presentation. Families who register for online learning through the MISD Virtual Learning Academy will continue receiving instruction online on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

While we strongly believe that face-to-face learning and connection is most beneficial for the vast majority of students, we have streamlined our process and dedicated ourselves to ensuring that the virtual learning experience will be successful for students and families who do not yet feel comfortable coming to school in person.

Virtual Learning Overview

When participating in the MISD Virtual Learning Academy, students will be required to participate in a full day of instruction as required by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in order for MISD to offer remote instruction. This will require virtual students to be enrolled in a full course load each day of instruction. The mode of instruction will vary by grade level and subject matter.

Academic Courses / Extracurricular
Core academic courses will be offered at all grade levels. Elective options are being explored but are not guaranteed to mirror those offered on campus. Virtual Academy students will be allowed to participate in and attend extracurricular activities like football and band. They will also be able to attend Career and Technical Education (CTE) certification courses. Students must provide their own transportation for those activities.

Devices / Internet Access
Internet access and a technology device must be available for student use daily. It is recommended that middle and high school students use district-issued devices. For elementary students who do not have a device in the home, Mansfield ISD will prioritize the issuance of a student device. Families requesting virtual instruction without having reliable internet service will be prioritized for the issuance of district hot spots.

Work Expectations / Assignments
Students will be expected to participate in virtual daily instruction with follow-up assignments. Assignments will need to be submitted to the teacher through their virtual classroom environment. Grades for virtual instruction will follow district grading guidelines. There may be situations where courses selected by the student cannot be delivered in a virtual environment. In those situations, school counselors will work with the student to select an appropriate course that will be delivered virtually.

For more in-depth information about virtual instruction, see the categories below.

Selecting This Option

Families are asked to commit to remaining in the virtual learning setting for the entire semester. However, if circumstances change, requests to move from one mode of instruction to the other will be individually evaluated.

The deadline for applying to the MISD Virtual Learning Academy has passed. Parents were given the opportunity to make their selections through July 29. The next available period to submit a request to transfer from one mode to the other would be at the end of each grading period (6 weeks).

Students who have not completed registration will still need to register for school. (New student registration for the 2020-21 school year is already open, and returning students can begin the registration process on Friday, July 17.)

Have Questions?

If you still have questions after reviewing the comprehensive virtual details above, the district has established an email address to specifically address inquiries about the fall reopening. Please email us at MISD_Fall2020@misdmail.org.