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Students from Lake Ridge High School and Danny Jones Middle School earned top honors in the project-based learning STEAM-based competition.

Our Camps

The Ron Whitson Agricultural Science Center offers agriculture and science camps to students of all grade levels, ages four and beyond. Our themed camps can be modified for various age groups as well as times of the year.

Chaperones are necessary for all age groups. Groups may wish to also include a nurse as an attendee as there is not a nurse on the center's grounds.

To sign up for an in-district camp, please fill out the Camp Request Form

  • For out-of-district bookings, contact Keven Smith at for availability. (Out-of-district bookings are $5 per participant.)

NOTE: Many camps involve walking and activities using the soil, appropriate dress is required. Students may also want to apply sunscreen and bug spray prior to attending a camp. 

Camp Themes

  • Fallen Log: (Year Round) It’s amazing how many things live in and on rotting logs. In this activity, students will become familiar with some of those organisms by observing fallen logs. They’ll gain an understanding of how decomposition takes place and a better appreciation for microhabitats and communities. TEKS (3.7) A (3.9)A (4.9) A,B (5.9) A (7.5) B(7.10)A Biology (11)C (12) A [Sign Up Now]

  • Invasive Pests: (Year Round) Throughout history, people have intentionally and unintentionally moved plant and animal species to new environments. Some of these species have proved beneficial, but others invade natural habitats causing environmental and sometimes economic harm. Students will research invasive species to determine how these species got to their new locations and what characteristics make them so challenging. TEKS (3.9) C (3.10)A (4.10)A [Sign Up Now]

  • Looking at Leaves: (Year Round) From their leafy branches to their tangled roots, trees provide a habitat for a host of plants and animals. In this activity, students will inventory the plants and animals that live in, on, and around trees and discover how plants and animals depend on trees in many ways. TEKS (6.12) C (7.11) B,C (12) B [Sign Up Now]

  • How Big is Your Tree: (Year Round) Trees come in various shapes and sizes. In this activity, children will measure trees in different ways and become familiar with tree scale and structure. They will also learn the importance of standard units of measure and measuring techniques. TEKS (7.4) A Math TEKS Geometry [Sign Up Now]

  • Habitat Haven: (Year Round) From their leafy branches to their tangled roots, trees provide a habitat for a host of plants and animals. In this activity, students will inventory the plants and animals that live in, on, and around trees and discover how plants and animals depend on trees in many ways. TEKS (8.11) A [Sign Up Now]

  • Web of Life: (Year Round) Forest ecosystems are complex places, and the connections between different animals and plants are not always apparent. In this activity, students will learn about food webs, discovering the links between organisms that forge this living system. TEKS (3.9) A (6.12) F (12) A [Sign Up Now]

  • Soil Stories: (Year Round) Who doesn't like playing around in the dirt? With some plastic jars and a few lids the next time your students are digging you can help them better understand the world underfoot. TEKS (3.7) A (4.7) A,B (8.9) C (7.8) C (8.9) C [Sign Up Now]

  • Renewable or Not: (Year Round) Natural resources are the raw materials used for housing, clothing, transporting, heating, cooking, and so on. They include the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we farm, and the space we use for living and recreation. We can organize them into two categories: renewable and nonrenewable resources. TEKS (3.7) D (4.7) C [Sign Up Now]

  • Fishing For Science: (Year Round) Can fishing for science be bad? Students will be given the opportunity to catch and release fish from the RWASC ponds. Students may be given the opportunity to draw and label basic parts of the fish. All Levels. [Sign Up Now]

  • Pumpkin Patch: (Late Oct-Nov) Nature’s Transformers may be another way to look at how plants undergo orderly changes in their diverse life. K-3 may be given the opportunity to select and paint a pumpkin. TEKS (-3-10) C (7.7) C [Sign Up Now]

  • Farm to Table: (Spring) you may buy your vegetables form the grocery store but where do they actually come from? Students will be able to plant vegetables in a variety of raised beds and garden areas. A pictorial history will be posted for students to watch how their bounty transforms from a seed to a vegetable. Produce may be donated to the Mansfield Food Bank. Students will also be introduced to bottle gardening. TEKS (7.7) C [Sign Up Now]

  • Wooly Mammoth: (Late April –May) Not really, but students will be given the opportunity to watch a sheep shearing demonstration. Students can explore how animals provide some of our basic needs for survival and comfort. [Sign Up Now]

  • Are You My Mother?: (March-April) Taken from Dr. Seuss famous book,, students will exposed to the various animals found on a farm. With mother natures helping hand this camp is intended to allow students to see the animals cared for at the farm. Kid goats, lambs, calves, chicks, foals and pigs should be on display. [Sign Up Now]

  • STAR Party: (Year Round) Amateur night at the Farm. Teachers, students and parents can all enjoy a night “out there” looking at stars. This activity can only be performed at night at the facility. TEKS (3.8) C (6.11) B (8.8) A [Sign Up Now]

  • Muck, Moss and Peat: (Year Round) Students will be challenged to determine how plant and animal life decompose.. Samples can be taken from our ponds woodlands and compost pit to discover nature’s way of sustaining an healthy ecosystem. TEKS (7.5) B (6.12) E,F [Sign Up Now]

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