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Parent & Family Engagement Policy

The mission of Mansfield ISD is to inspire and educate students to be productive citizens. MISD believes education requires a partnership between the home and school. Parents are crucial stakeholders in our Vision 2020 plan.

Parent & Family Engagement Policy (English)

The mission of Mansfield ISD is to inspire and educate students to be productive citizens. MISD believes education requires a partnership between the home and school. To encourage parental involvement, the district shall actively commit to the activities contained in this policy. Parents are crucial stakeholders in our Vision 2020 plan.

Communication and Parental Involvement

  • Create a positive and parent-friendly environment on all campuses.
  • Publicize to parents the availability of programs K-12.
  • Each campus will provide attendance requirements to parents in the campus handbook.
  • Maintain and update campus/district websites throughout the academic year to provide parents, students, community with current information.
  • Continue to provide training and equipment in order to facilitate effective communication, such as Outlook, Skyward, and other technology integration including web pages and grade information.
  • Utilize the automated phone call-out system to communicate mass messages to parents at the district or campus level.
  • Promote parent contact by personal phone calls, live conferences, and emails as appropriate.
  • Ensure methods of communicating important information to parents without access to email or internet.
  • Provide district-wide communications in native languages of the clientele whenever necessary.
  • Provide an interpreter for District meetings whenever necessary.
  • Encourage campuses to seek bilingual employees.
  • Continue ESL and adult continuing education for the parents of students in MISD.
  • Assist parents with college preparations by forming partnerships with area colleges and universities, hosting college events, and posting college deadlines and information on the high school websites.
  • Assist parents and students with career prep for non-college bound students.
  • Encourage all parents and staff to join and participate in Parent Teacher Association and Student Associations (PTSA) meetings and functions as well as other parent groups or clubs.
  • Provide an annual survey to District stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of communication and client relations at the campus and district levels.
  • Implement a program to screen and encourage volunteers at all campuses.
  • Provide opportunities during extended hours for parents who work during the day to be involved.
  • Annually update and post the Parent and Family Engagement Policy to parents and staff.

Student Support

  • Assist parents with efforts to keep students in school and prevent drop-outs.
  • Provide supplemental Title I support to K-12 campuses that have a threshold of 45% or greater economically disadvantaged students based on a tiered funding system.
  • Each campus will maintain a Response to Intervention (RTI) Team to provide intervention/strategies to address academic and/or behavioral concerns.
  • Provide programs and/or classes to meet the needs and interests of all students.
  • Pursue and maintain partnerships among positive community resources to help in district- wide student programs.
  • Provide online learning opportunities for students at 7-12 campuses.
  • Clearly communicate high expectations for discipline and student achievement.
  • Communicate course content and grading expectations to parents for every grade level/class.

Safe and Drug-Free Schools

  • Train and maintain a Campus Management Team to be assigned by the Principal.
  • Provide emergency management training for all staff members.
  • Conduct and review a triennial safety and security site survey of each campus in conjunction with the various safety drills on each campus, including severe weather drills, fire drills, lock down drills, and other crisis management drills.
  • Provide a formal written evaluation with recommendations of the State-mandated security site survey to the Campus Management Team on each campus.
  • Maintain a district-wide Safe Schools Committee consisting of a diverse group of District stakeholders.
  • Maintain, review and revise a District Emergency Procedures Guide on an as-needed basis.
  • Utilize MISD Police or other resources to provide staff or parents training in conflict resolution, crisis management, violence intervention, anger management, de-escalation techniques, and drug awareness upon request by the campus or PTA.
  • Provide time-out and restraint training necessary to comply with SB 1196.
  • Ensure an effective emergency communication system among staff at each campus.
  • Continue to evaluate campus security devices such as cameras, access control, fire alarms, visitor management systems, and portable radios, and upgrade as needed.
  • Utilize Raptor system to monitor entry and access to district facilities.
  • Provide materials for prevention of drugs, alcohol, violence, physical or verbal aggression, as well as individual and family counseling.
  • Provide a discipline management program for prevention of and education concerning physical or verbal aggression, sexual harassment (dating violence is included in this definition) and other forms of bullying.
  • Protect students from computer misuse by publishing an Acceptable Use Policy for staff and students, filtering inappropriate Internet content, and teaching internet safety as part of the technology curriculum.
  • Provide for appropriate police coverage for all campuses and District events.
  • Provide 24/7 system for reporting illegal campus activity by contacting MISD police at 817- 299-6000.
  • Continue to provide diversity training and disability awareness.
  • Continue to provide students with opportunities to understand and value diverse groups.
  • Partnership with Safe City Commission for Campus Crime Stoppers Program.

High Quality Instruction

  • Ensure that all core academic classes are taught by State-certified, highly effective teachers
  • Continue the District KEEPS mentor program for teachers with 0-2 years experience and/or teachers new to the district/assignment.
  • Continue employee onsite child care for children ages 2-5 during teacher contract days.
  • Continue to recognize employee contributions through the Shining Star (Non-Teaching Staff) Awards and Heartbeat Award .
  • Implement District recognition of campus-selected Teacher of the Year and the district- level teachers of the year for the elementary and secondary grade levels.
  • Continue to recognize employee service time in the district in 5-year increments years 5-20.
  • Recognize employees who have served 20 years or more with the district and retirees with the Employee Recognition Banquet.
  • Each campus will continue a system to implement, evaluate, and communicate effective staff development based on data-driven needs and district standards.
  • The District and campuses will continue a system to implement, evaluate, and communicate effective staff development based on data-driven needs and aligned to district standards.
  • Provide a calendar that allows district-wide staff development opportunities, including diversity training, vertical planning, and other special programs.
  • District and campuses will align staff development based on needs assessment.
  • Maintain and revise an aligned and integrated district-wide curriculum framework.
  • Maintain recruitment strategies to ensure a State certified and diverse staff to best serve the needs of Mansfield ISD students.
  • Administer a district survey dealing with job satisfaction and employee morale at each campus with published results and address and monitor areas of concern.

What Parents Can Do

  • Tell your children that education is important to you and why.
  • Require regular and prompt school attendance.
  • Provide a time and location in your home conducive for completing homework.
  • Make sure the school has your current address, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Monitor available technology such as Skyward, MISD District & Campus Websites, MISD Blog, Twitter, etc.
  • Help students eat healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise. Healthy students learn better.
  • Assist students to be organized (due dates, avoiding late/lost book fines, etc.) and have the supplies they need for school. Find out the school’s method of communicating events and assignments, and learn to utilize these planning tools.
  • Know your child’s teachers. If you can’t attend Open Houses or conferences in person, contact the teachers by email or arrange for a phone conference.
  • Read information that is sent home (Code of Conduct, Student Handbooks, flyers, planners, etc.) and respond appropriately.
  • Volunteer in your child’s school to the extent possible, participate in field trips, and/or join PTA/PTSA.
  • Monitor your child’s progress in school. Know what they are expected to learn, the rigor of the course, and how they are progressing. Hold them accountable for school achievement.
  • Support the school in developing positive behaviors in your child that foster a safe learning environment.
  • All parents are encouraged and welcome to complete a volunteer application and observe your child’s campus, and MISD urges you to contact the school for information regarding doing so, as well as any other time you need help.
  • All parents are encouraged to apply to be a mentor through our Partners in Education Mentor Program. For more information, contact the MISD Communications Department at 817-299-6369.

rev. May 2018

Download the Parent & Family Engagement Policy

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