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Back to School: Bus Safety Reminders

Bus stop-arm safetyYellow school buses deployed throughout the Mansfield ISD community this week to provide safe transportation for over 12,000 students (or about 35% of the school district’s student enrollment).

As we begin a new school year it’s important for drivers to be reminded of school bus safety laws, particularly those concerning the illegal passing of the stop arm.

What Does the Law Say about Passing School Buses?

When the school bus stop arm is activated, Texas State law requires drivers approaching from either direction to stop until:

A.    The school bus resumes motion;
B.    The school bus driver signals the motorist to proceed; OR
C.    The stop arm is no longer activated

When the school bus stops. You Stop.A driver is not required to stop for a school bus if it is on a highway with roadways separated by a median or physical barrier.

Check out this helpful illustration, courtesy of Dallas County Schools.

What Happens if I Illegally Pass a School Bus?

Lawmakers recently increased the fine for drivers who fail to stop for a school bus. Effective September 1, 2013, the penalty for passing a school bus when the flashing lights and stop arm are activated ranges from $500 to $1,250.

(Read additional information from the Texas Department of Public Safety about the new traffic, criminal laws that took effect September 1.)

The Mansfield ISD Transportation Department has taken an extra step to increase safety by implementing a pilot program using stop arm cameras to capture images of violators. Citations are not currently being issued, but the information gathered will assist in determining the need for additional cameras on buses.

Students are the most precious cargo, and we ask that everyone does their part to contribute to our mission of safe transportation in Mansfield ISD.

About MISD Transportation
We have approximately 220 buses which include regular & Sped route buses along with substitute and field trip buses. There are 165 routes that run to and from high schools, elementary, intermediate and middle schools. Some also have midday high school/Ben Barber shuttles, swim shuttles for 3rd graders learning water safety at the Natatorium, as well as PreK routes. This year, MISD has 184 full or part time drivers and 37 attendants.

If you have any questions concerning bus routes, bus safety, or the transportation system, please contact the MISD Transportation at 817-299-6060. You can also visit the Daily Bus Schedule page for any updates on delays, weather, construction or other conditions affecting buses and routes.

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