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MISD Police

Employment Opportunities

To apply, please visit the MISD Police Department or go to the Auxiliary job posting page.

Mansfield ISD police officers are proactive rather than reactive. They are entrusted with the protection of life and property of those who attend, work, and visit our schools and facilities.

All newly-assigned officers must first be holding a valid license by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and complete a comprehensive field operation-training program. Officers continually receive training to maintain their license and complete mandated training as required by TCOLE and other licensing agencies.

Job Description  | The Hiring Process  |  Department Facts  | Recruitment Flyer

Job Description

Patrol officers are assigned areas to protect life and property; prevent and detect crime; make arrests; collect evidence; prepare reports; enforce local, state and federal laws as well as Mansfield ISD parking regulations; conduct preliminary and follow-up investigations; perform building checks with extensive foot patrols indoor and outdoor; maintain surveillance and develop information on criminal suspects; control traffic at congested sites; and perform a wide variety of other law enforcement activities. To qualify, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Currently holding a valid TCOLE peace officer license or successfully complete Police Academy and TCOLE exam
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalency (G.E.D.)
  • Have a valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance
  • Must have an outstanding character and reputation with no felony convictions
  • Successfully pass an extensive background investigation to include credit history, driver license, employment, and personal history statement.

The Hiring Process

  • Openings are posted on the MISD website Job Postings page.
    • Police Department openings are posted under “Auxiliary General Information”. All applicants (police, civilian, and dispatchers) MUST complete and return the documents listed on the website prior to being considered for employment.
  • An oral board will be announced for all police applicants that meet the requirements. Applicants will also be required to complete a writing exercise directly following their oral board.
  • The top police applicant(s) may proceed to:
    • Background Investigation
    • Conditional Job Offer
    • Psychological and Polygraph
    • Physical (including drug screen)
    • Job Offer
    • Electronic Fingerprinting (All school district employees must be fingerprinted electronically per law). This cost is approximately $50 and the applicant is responsible for the cost.
  • Dispatch and civilian applicants that meet the requirements will be scheduled for an interview. A typing test may also be scheduled for dispatch applicants.

Department Facts

  • We operate 24/7 year round.
    • We have both 226- and 261-day police officer positions. 261-day positions cover the district during weekends and periods of extended breaks.  All dispatcher positions are 261-day contracts.

  • Officer pay is determined by the level of TCOLE license the applicant has at the time of hire.
    • Dispatcher pay is determined by the level of TCOLE certification the applicant has at the time of hire.

  • All district employees are paid around the 20th of each month depending on what day the 20th falls on and if the district is out on an extended break.

    The amount per check is calculated by taking your yearly salary and dividing it by 12 months. (Example: A TCOLE Master Police Officer salary for a 226-day employee is $55,397 and is $63,976 for a 261-day employee.)

  • Personnel includes:
    • 28 full-time sworn police officers
    • 6 full-time dispatchers
    • 1 fingerprint technician
    • 2 truancy officers
    • dispatch supervisor
    • 4 Sergeants
    • 2 Administrative Assistants
    • Assistant Chief
    • Chief of Police

  • 226-day officers receive the same breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break that teachers and students receive. They also receive 10 additional days to use as vacation during summer months.
    • Dispatchers and 261-day officers receive 10 days of vacation each year as well as 10 Holiday days: 2 days for Thanksgiving, 3 days for Christmas. They also receive one day for each of the following: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, New Year’s and Martin Luther King.

  • Officers work sporting events, dances, carnivals, graduations, proms, musicals, and any other event as determined by the Chief of Police. All overtime is paid in accordance with Federal Law at a rate of 1 ½ times the employees regular hourly rate.

  • All uniforms (police and dispatch) and equipment are provided with no expense incurred by the employee. Exceptions are: Duty firearm, shoes/boots, under garments. 
    • Dry Cleaning of duty uniforms is also offered to all police officers at no expense.

  • All officers are assigned their own patrol vehicle. These vehicles are not take home vehicles except during times the officer may be on-call. Officers are on-call for one week time periods approximately two times a year.

All interested applicants may pick up an employment application at the Mansfield ISD Police Department, located at 1522 N. Walnut Creek, Mansfield, Texas 76063 or you can apply online. All applications must meet the minimum requirements to qualify for further consideration.

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