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09/27/2017 - Aesop Update
Aesop is up and running.

Congratulations to our first group of 25 substitutes to earn a "We Are MISD" T-shirt for working the most days from 9/19 to10/19.

Adetokunbo Akomolafe, Judy Baughman, Dorean Bryant, Kimberly Cavitt, Mary Duchesneau, Patricia Hansard, Joann Hernandez Petry, Rosario Higgigns, Randy Hoenig, Margo Ivey, Yvette Jacks, Deborah Jacobs, Reagan Jones, Michael Lanie, Deann Marx, Charlotte Mathis, Terri Mount, Shaheda Polonia, Sabrina Rhaman, Rocio Saenez, Christa Shelton, Brenda Smash, Mary Sutherland, Leanna Thompkins Jones, Patsy Wheelcok.

Round three begins on 10/20 to 11/18 .

Your Inquiries, Our Answers

Returning Substitute Feedback Questions

Q: What steps are you taking to insure that we have Electronic Card keys to get in and out of the building?
A: Every campus has been given additional Electronic Card keys for the 2015-2016 school year.

Q: If a teacher does not leave a hard copy of their lesson plan, but has left it on their computer, what should I do because I cannot use their password?
A: You need to notify either the team leader or an administrator as soon as possible. Let them develop a plan of action for you to use with your students. You are not responsible for writing your own lesson plans.

Q: What do we do if we need to cancel an assignment?
A:  Call the campus contact as soon as possible to let them know. Campus contact information can be found on our website under Handbooks & Resources page.

To submit a question send an e-mail to

Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks from Your Fellow Substitutes

"You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar" in other words, pick your battles wisely.  What you want is for the student(s) to stop their disruptive behavior and rejoin the classroom activity.

"Your response to a behavior problem should not be more disruptive than the student's behavior".  If you need help handling a disruptive student don't leave the classroom just push the intercom button and ask for assistance.

  • If time allows email the teacher ahead of time for any additional information that will help you to have a successful day.
    Always leave the teacher a note at the end of the day. Notify him/her if you were unable to finish a lesson plan and where you left off. Let the teacher know if there were any disciplinary problems during the day.
  • Be confident, stand up straight
  • If you want students to feel that you're approachable and willing to help them if needed, avoid folding your arms, standing behind desks, or raising your voice.
  • Use the whole classroom. Constantly walk around the room, stop by each student, lean in a little and show some interest in their work.
  • Make eye contact, smile, and leave your personal emotions at home.
  • Dress for respect to establish yourself as an authority figure (someone that students can look up to).
  • Take some time to get to know the staff, they're one of your most valuable resources whenever you need help.
  • Be flexible. The safety of students is our number one priority; therefore, there may be times when you will be asked to change an assignment or to cover another class. A positive attitude and patience is always appreciated.

What's New

Jean Days

Substitutes may now wear nice jeans (not cutoffs, ripped or sagging jeans) on Fridays with a district or campus spirit shirt.

Substitute T-Shirts For Purchase

Substitute Spirit Wear Shirts are available for sale through Monogram Pro.

Electronic Key Cards 

All MISD campuses have electronic key cards for substitutes to use. Substitutes who have outside duties or are taking classes outside, will be issued an electronic key card along with the classroom key.


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