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Mansfield ISD Student Improvement Scores in 99th Percentile Nationwide

Mansfield ISD is wrapping up the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) testing, and the district is optimistic about the student performance that the tests will indicate.

Before the release of STAAR results in the coming months, there is some great news to share about another assessment that tracks student growth, indicating how much students have academically improved over time.

As you may know, MISD has been administering measures of academic progress (MAP) assessments over the last two years. The end-of-year results are in, and it shows that Mansfield ISD student growth is in the 99th percentile in multiple grade levels in both reading and math.

This is a major testament to MISD students, staff and families, and their hard work is why MISD is a destination district committed to excellence. The district is getting closer every day to fulfilling the tenets of Vision 2030 by providing each student what they need to thrive and graduate life ready.

Learn more about Mansfield ISD’s Vision 2030 strategic plan here.


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