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MISD Makes Revisions to 2020-21 Calendar
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After the historic winter weather event that caused school closures in February, Mansfield ISD made changes to the current academic calendar to account for the use of a bad weather makeup day and extension of the fifth six-weeks grading period.

April 5 will now be a normal full school day. It was designated as the district’s bad weather makeup day #2, which will be used.

In addition, students will have an early release on April 16, rather than April 9. The early release day was moved to April 16 to account for the extension of the fifth six weeks. The half-day will help give teachers the necessary time to report grades and ensure attendance is accurate. View early release times here.

MISD will request a waiver from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to not make up for the additional instructional days that were missed due to the February winter storm.

Download the latest 2020-21 MISD academic calendar.

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