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MISD Launches Social-Emotional Learning Webpage


Mansfield ISD has officially launched its social-emotional learning (SEL) webpages.

SEL is the process of developing the self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills that are vital for school, work and life success.

Through MISD’s SEL program, students will be empowered with the skills needed to create more positive learning environments. The program will help students understand and manage their emotions in order to make meaningful relationships with others and make responsible decisions.

Social and emotional skills are critical to being a good student, and research has shown that increased social and emotional proficiency is associated with reductions in a variety of problem behaviors.

Learn more about the district’s SEL department here.

Counselors are available during regular school hours on every campus to assist students. For additional resources and avenues for assistance, visit MISD’s Student Support 24/7 webpage.