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MHS Advances to State Academic Decathlon Meet

Mansfield ISD high school students recently competed in the Academic Decathlon regional competition; students at all five of MISD’s traditional high schools earned medals and Mansfield High School will advance to the state-level competition Feb. 22-25 in Frisco. 

Academic Decathlon Stuents

The Academic Decathlon is a ten-event scholastic competition where students participate in seven multiple-choice exams, an essay, interview and a speech.  

Hundreds of teams compete at the state Academic Decathlon meet and have the chance to earn scholarship money. Region and state contests are held for schools categorized as large, medium and small. Based on a point system, the highest-scoring team represents the state at the national United States Academic Decathlon (USAD) competition. 

Mansfield High School’s team won first place overall in the large school category regional competition and took home 26 individual medals, advancing to state. 

In the Honors division, Dylan Luong earned bronze in Economics, Science and Art. He took home silver in Math and placed second overall in his division. 

Also in the Honors division, Connor Mire won bronze in Music, and Dylan Mire won silver in Literature. 

In the Scholastic division, Liam McClure won gold in Literature, Science and Social Science. He also won bronze in Math and Art. The junior secured second place overall in his division. 

Continuing in the Scholastic division, Aiden Lewis won silver in Science, and Kennedy Hilton won silver in both Art and Interview. 

In the Varsity division, Maximillian Castillo won gold in Music and Social Science, silver in Math and Economics, and bronze in Art and Essay. The senior won third overall in his division. 

Lake Ridge High School placed fifth overall in the large school category regional competition. Christopher Do was fifth overall in the Honors division in the region. The junior took home the gold in Economics, silver in Mathematics and Social Science, and bronze in Essay.   

Also in the Honors division, Abigail Kelsey and Kemi Morohunfola each earned silver in Essay. 

In the Scholastic division, Soren Hendricks took home the silver in Economics and Literature.  

In the Varsity division, Matt Godbold won gold in Literature, Economics and Art. He also took home the silver in Essay. The freshman earned fifth overall in the Varsity division. 

Summit High School placed fourth overall in the medium school category.  

Osalahor Umweni won gold in Literature, Math, Social Sciences, and Essay, receiving a perfect score on his essay. He also won gold in Interview and placed first overall in the Varsity division. 

Senior Samara Smith won gold in Interview. 

Legacy High School took home five medals from the event. In the Varsity division, Chase Brantley won gold in Math and Economics, and bronze in Essay. He earned a silver medal overall in his division. 

In the honors division, Kate Castro took home the silver medal for Interview. 

Timberview High School’s Caleb Djan competed in the varsity division, taking home bronze in Mathematics. 

The Academic Decathlon coaches include Don Counts and Amy Husk at Lake Ridge High School, Tara Bishop and Michael Santanello at Summit High School, Tanya Maness and Brandon Austin at Mansfield High School, Jodi Esaili and Matthew Stewart at Legacy High School, and Blake Wade at Timberview High School. 

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