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Mansfield ISD Celebrates National Principals Month

In October, Mansfield ISD joins forces with other organizations across the country to celebrate National Principals Month.

National Principals Month honors school principals for their significant impact on the success and well-being of students. They are school leaders who fight every day to give their students the best education, and MISD appreciates them for their tireless dedication.

“I think we have the best principals in the United States,” said Superintendent Dr. Jim Vaszauskas. “They’re amazing instructional leaders, they’re mini psychologists, they’re facilities masters, they do it all. Thanks to our principals for everything you do for our kids and district, and thank you for choosing to work for Mansfield ISD.”

Although principals are appreciated year-round, National Principals Month is the public’s opportunity to thank principals and to share with the community all the wonderful things that principals do.

Mansfield ISD is grateful for its highly qualified school leaders who guide students and teachers to greater levels of success. Read the biography of each MISD principal on the district website here.