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District Installing Security Units at High Schools

Following board approval of the Evolv Express weapons detection systems in August, the district will install the screening units at all high school campuses in October. Evolv’s technology will offer an added layer of protection to the district’s multi-dimensional safety and security program.

MISD has assigned specific doors at each campus where both students and campus visitors will be expected to enter the building allowing everyone who comes to campuses to be screened during school hours. Everyone who comes through the system will be asked to remove laptops from backpacks so they don’t set off an alarm. Some common items like umbrellas and eyeglass cases can cause an alert, so it’s best to carry them separately or leave them at home.

If the system alerts a concern, a student will be directed to a search area where a campus administrator will search the flagged location. Student identification is still required to enter. Students who lose or forget their ID will be required to be screened before going to the ID pickup location at their campus. Visitors will be given the option to agree to a search. If they decline, they’ll be asked to leave.

Evolv’s sensor technology and artificial intelligence allows the system to screen students and visitors quickly and effectively; however, as MISD staff become accustomed to the new arrival process, there could be a few delays.

For questions and to see how the new screening process will work at our campuses, please visit the MISD Screening Systems webpage.

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