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City of Mansfield, MISD Agree to Property Exchange

Mansfield ISD and the City of Mansfield have a longstanding history of working together to do great things for students, families and the community. Both the City of Mansfield and MISD are premier entities, attracting businesses, developments and families. The result of their success means the area continues to grow rapidly, causing a need for both organizations to address current expansion and projected growth. 

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With this in mind, Mansfield ISD and the City of Mansfield announced a collaborative plan to exchange property. The City of Mansfield will exchange the City Hall, 1200 East Broad St., and a portion of adjoining property behind the City Hall location at 1200 East Broad St. for Mansfield ISD’s administrative buildings, student services building and Geyer Field, located at 605 East Broad St., and the shopping complex located at 703 East Broad St. The City of Mansfield and MISD have agreed to only exchange property.

“When the City Council and I say, ‘Together As One,’ this is exactly the kind of teamwork and collaboration we envision,” Mayor Michael Evans said. “By partnering for the benefit of our community, we are able to go beyond property borders and achieve innovative initiatives and grand projects that better prepare us for the future and create a more special Mansfield.”

The City of Mansfield and Mansfield ISD elected officials agree the property exchange is a win for the school district, a win for the city, and a win for the community. The proposal for the exchange was born in a joint session with the city and district which focused on working together as one on a shared vision for Mansfield. City and school leaders agree  this project allows all parties involved to share resources, save taxpayer funds, and develop a one-of-a-kind remarkable experience for Mansfield families. Both parties are elected to represent the best interests of the community, and through this project, have a united goal to celebrate the past while growing for the future together.

“We have a longstanding relationship with the City of Mansfield grounded in trust and mutual respect,” said Mansfield ISD Board President Courtney Lackey Wilson. “Separately, we could get the job done, but together we can accomplish so much more for the benefit of all.”

The development of the properties will occur in phases. The City of Mansfield will immediately begin phase one of revitalization efforts to the Geyer Field location, to be known as Geyer Commons, a community gathering space with park-like amenities. The City will preserve the historic original Mansfield High School and the Rock Gym, and develop a plan for their potential uses. Geyer Commons will feature an open lawn, splash pad, a makers' market village, and space to preserve additional historic properties.

“With its community space, historic buildings, and its unique space for innovators, Geyer Commons would be a completely new experience for Mansfield,” City Manager Joe Smolinski said. “This project literally honors our past while looking to our future, and it would not be possible without the vision and partnership between the City Council and the Mansfield ISD Board of Trustees.”

This property exchange enables both Mansfield ISD and the city to avoid spending unnecessary funds, continuing their legacies as good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

“This plan is so much more than a property exchange,” said Mansfield ISD Superintendent Dr. Kimberley Cantu. “It is a partnership that showcases our philosophy that we are stronger together. It allows us to continue to direct more money into our classrooms by repurposing City Hall instead of building a new administration building, and it helps the city develop plans that will revitalize the area and directly benefit our community.”

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