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Students Learn While Playing at Camp Destination

Students are spending part of their summer in the classroom—and loving it. At Camp Destination, MISD’s QUEST summer day camp, students are offered hands-on academic activities that are so engaging, they may not realize they’re learning. 

The district is hosting 150 campers ages 4 to 12 at Camp Destination, which is located at J.L. Boren Elementary School. The activities align with state standards while inspiring creativity, imagination, problem solving and self-awareness.

“It’s a very hands-on program that has activities for the kids,” said Bradley Berry, assistant director of MISD’s Out-of-School Time program. “Some of them are here for up to 12 hours; but we have hour rotations, so every hour, we’re rotating to something different, something hands-on and something that will keep their interest.”

Each activity is fun and engaging, but Berry said learning is still the main focus for every rotation.

“The main objective of this program is just to serve our families and make sure their kids have a safe place to be in the summertime and to stop the summer slide,” said Bradley Berry, assistant director of MISD’s Out-of-School Time program. “We just want to make sure when they go into their next grade, they’re just as good as they were when they left their previous grade—and even have a little bit more knowledge they can build on as they move on.”

MISD’s QUEST summer camp is so popular that it completely sold out for the summer. Camp instructors said its popularity has to do with the relevant information that is being taught.

“I think coming to QUEST is really popular with the kids because they get to experience real-life activities,” said Amber Hutchison, camp instructor and second grade teacher at Glenn Harmon Elementary School. “They don’t come here to just learn academics. They do get that in the curriculum, but they’re learning something they can take with them for their future lives.”

Brenda Reagan, an incoming second grader at Brenda Norwood STEM Academy, said she loves animals and has enjoyed learning about the possibility of becoming a veterinarian when she grows up.

“I would rather stay in camp than at home because it’s more fun and more to explore,” said Reagan.

The summer camp runs through July 29. For more information about the camp, including how to be added to the waiting list, visit the QUEST webpage.