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‘Sciyonce’ Takes Center Screen to Help Students Retain Lessons

Her online class sounds more like a music session than a science lesson, but Legacy High School’s Arlevia Davis said the songs have become a staple in her teaching style.

“Singing is a research-based, proven method to help students remember content and information. How did you learn your ABCs? You sang your ABCs,” said Davis, who has taught science at the school for six years.

Her students know that when they learn about science, it’s only a matter of time before a song—usually to the tune of a popular hit—will follow.

“She likes to come up with songs and parodies to teach us about everything we need to know,” said freshman Kassidy Kaluf. “It’s super helpful because in class, it makes it easier to pay attention to; and on tests, it’s super easy to remember information when it’s all in a song. This helped me out a ton this year.”

Davis said she’s not naturally an outgoing person, so when she decided to teach through song many years ago, she had to come up with an alter ego who could live up to the challenge. She named her rockstar alias Sciyonce.

“I like to think of Sciyonce as cool,” Davis explained. “Sciyonce is my alter ego. Sciyonce gives me the confidence to do what I do in the classroom to help my students.”

And her efforts do not go unnoticed. Her students know that whenever they need help, she’s one tune away.

“Even though Mrs. Davis has her own personal life, she’s always there for her students anytime we need to talk. Even when it’s not school related, she’s there to help,” said freshman Autumn Hurta.

Davis said although she misses being able to see her class in person, she is happy to be able to connect with them online. 

“I’ve heard students say they really enjoy coming in and checking in and just the structure of the (online) class altogether,” she said. “We come in, have a good time, get to see each other and say, ‘hello.’”

Following the executive order given by Gov. Greg Abbott on April 17, schools across the state were told to remain closed for the rest of the 2019-20 school year to prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). 

Distance learning will continue. For the latest information, visit the MISD comprehensive COVID-19 web page.