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MISD Elementary School Celebrates Namesake’s Birthday

The students and staff at Nancy Neal Elementary School invited the school’s namesake to the campus to celebrate her birthday.

“Today’s family time was extra special because Ms. Neal was here with us for her birthday celebration,” said Cheryl Ferrell, assistant principal at Nancy Neal Elementary.

All of the students signed a birthday card and sang Happy Birthday in the school’s gymnasium. The staff bought Ms. Neal balloons and flowers to honor her.

“They are all so loving and give me cards and give me hugs and they tell me how much they love my school,” said Nancy Neal, the school’s namesake. “I think they all think I own it, but it’s fun to hear them say they love being here.”

The students appreciate that Neal comes to spend time with them.

“My favorite part is when everyone was cheering for her and she was smiling, because I love when people have a smile on their faces,” said Neal Elementary fourth-grade student Evan Bedford.

Much like Bedford, Neal’s favorite part of visiting the campus is the smiles she sees on students’ faces and the high-fives they love to give her.

“Watching them laugh with me and just being there to say ‘Hi’ to me is the fun part,” said Neal.

Before retiring in 2003, Neal taught in MISD for 30 years. She now tutors at Roberta Tipps Elementary School, but she enjoys returning to Nancy Neal Elementary as often as she can.

“Any time we want her to come up and read to our students or do something special she’s always up for it,” said Ferrell. “She never says no. She’s always coming up to campus to be with us.”

Neal will turn 69 on Sunday and plans to spend the day with her family.

“My family will get together and they are going to take me somewhere,” said Neal. “I don’t know where because they won’t tell me, but we’re going somewhere.”