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Mansfield ISD Hosts Third Annual Innovation Conference

Mansfield ISD held its third annual Innovation Conference on May 6-9 at the Dr. Sarah K. Jandrucko Academy for Early Learners.

The theme this year was focused on early childhood education and featured the research and plans that resulted in the Academy for Early Learners facility.

“We are very proud of what we do here in MISD and we want to share what we’ve learned,” said Mansfield ISD Associate Superintendent, Dr. Sean Scott. “Also, we grow incredibly from our visitors and colleagues from around the state and so we want to learn from them and make sure that we continue to stay on the cutting edge of education.”

The conference, which drew educators and leaders from across the state, included a tour of The Academy, history and research behind the creation of the unique facility and techniques/tips on how to provide experiential learning and instructional strategies for early learners. The conference featured four one-day seminars for participants to be immersed in the active explorative experiences.

“We first heard about the academy at the mid-winter conference and so we were very blessed to be able come and experience this opportunity for ourselves,” said Kelley Estes-Jones, assistant director of Region 10 for early childhood services. “To be able to see the young children engaging in their everyday learning through these wonderful experiences was magical.”

Over four days, the Innovation Conference served about 160 educators.

“We’ve gotten to learn from the staff here at Mansfield ISD,” said Estes-Jones. “I have enjoyed being here for the Innovation Conference because we are all about high-quality early childhood experiences, learning and anything that we can gain and take back to further the cause.”

The Dr. Sarah K. Jandrucko Academy for Early Learners, which opened in January, is the first prekindergarten campus of its kind in Mansfield ISD and throughout the state of Texas. It was designed for inquiring young minds using creative, hands-on, interactive experiences within a researched-based early childhood program.

For more information on The Academy for Early Learners, visit its website.