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Early Learners Celebrate Freedom in Remembrance of 9/11

It was a sea of red, white and blue at the Dr. Sarah K. Jandrucko Academy of Early Learners as students and staff members took part in Patriot Day.

Patriot Day is observed every year on Sept. 11 to memorialize the deadliest terrorist attacks on U.S. soil that occurred 20 years ago on that day.

Although the Mansfield ISD prekindergartners weren’t born when the events happened, staff members decided to commemorate the day by wearing patriotic colors and learning about good citizenship.

“As adults, we know that Patriot Day is due to the events of 9/11, and we’re not teaching our 4-year- olds all of the ins and outs of that. But we are teaching them how to be good citizen because that’s what makes our country so great,” said Ashton Oliver, dean of instruction at the school.

With such a diverse campus, Oliver said it’s important to teach about patriotism because it helps the students learn about cooperation and being a part of a greater whole.

Teachers helped the young learners identify the U.S. flag, recite The Pledge of Allegiance and learn about the national anthem. Oliver said it was a great way to introduce the country’s core concepts in an age-appropriate way.

“They may not always put their hand over their heart in the right hand. They may not say all the words right. They may not know the meaning of it, but we’re teaching them the foundation,” Oliver continued. “Just like reading, we can’t just hand a kid a book. You’ve got to start with the basics first, and so we’re providing them with that background knowledge.”

Along with a day of remembrance, 9/11 also serves as a day of service, inspired by the goodwill and compassion shown by first responders and other citizens in the moments that followed the attacks.

More information about the Sept. 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance is available here.