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Substitute of the Month

April 2019 Super Substitutes

Staff at Timberview High School had this to say about their Super Substitute Christopher Byrum:

Mr. Byrum is a dedicated professional who has worked several long term assignments for MISD. He is always willing to lend a hand whenever and wherever extra assistance.

He follows the lesson plans, ensure that students stay not only stay on task, but that they have a complete understanding of the concept being taught.

We are grateful to Mr. Byrum for his great contributions he has blessed this campus with.

Staff at Cabaniss Elementary School had this to say about their Super Substitute Monica Rosendoll.

Monica is a sub on our campus every single day as a 1-1 Aide with our vision impaired student. She is a blessing!! We don't think of her as a sub... she is one of us.

Here are just a few comments from our teachers:

  • I love Ms. Monica. She is very patient, sweet and always wears a smile.
  • Monica is a very patient and dependable person.
  • She has a positive attitude and works with a lot of care in her spirit
  • Monica is a perfect example of a caring professional. She always has a positive attitude, a friendly disposition and is diligent in caring  for her student. She is always ready to help others, too.
  • Ms. Monica works in my classroom daily. She is amazing! She goes above and beyond on her "sub" expectations. She is always willing to do things she is not required to do. We love Ms. Monica!

Monica has a huge heart for her students!