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Pay Dates & Pay Rates

Semi-Monthly Pay Day Schedule

If you Worked Between these Dates Pay Day
August 1 - August 15  09-01-2020
August 16 - August 31  09-15-2020
September 1 - September 15 10-01-2020
September 16 - September 30  10-15-2020
October 01 - October 15  10-30-2020
October 16 - October 31  11-13-2020
November 01 - November 15  12-01-2020
November 16 - November 30  12-15-2020
December 01 - December 15  12-31-2020
December 16 - December 31  01-15-2021
January 01 - January 15  02-01-2021
January 16 - January 31  02-12-2021
February 01 - February 15  03-01-2021
February 16 - February 28  03-15-2021
March 01 - March 15  04-01-2021
March 16 - March 31  04-15-2021
April 01 - April 15  04-30-2021
April 16 - April 30  05-14-2021
May 01 - May 15  06-01-2021
May 16 - May 31  06-15-2021

Please note that if you have a multiple-day assignment and some of your days worked are in one period and the rest are in the second pay period, you will only be paid for the days worked up to and including the last day of the pay period. The other days will be paid on your next paycheck.

For Example: If you accepted an assignment to work October 12, 13, 16, 17 and 18, you will be paid on November 1 for October 12 and 13 only. On November 15, you will be paid for October 16-18.


The MISD daily rate of pay for substitute teachers is based on the applicant's educational qualifications. The qualifications are determined by official transcripts in addition to proof of certification if applicable. Rates are as follows:

Professional Assignments (Teachers)
Minimum 48 college hours (verified by an original transcript) or minimum two years experience as an instructional aide on a K-12 Mansfield ISD campus. (verified by service record)
Daily Rate (for a full day assignment)
Minimum 48 College Hours
(During the 2020-21 school term, minimum college hours are waived in lieu of a high school diploma and successful passing of a general knowledge and basic skills assessment)
Degreed (bachelors or higher)   $80.00      
Certified (Standard Texas Certificate) $95.00     
*Certified Long Term $110.00

*(after 10th day in a consecutive assignment. See special notice below)

*Long Term Substitute Pay:

A long term substitute must hold a Valid Texas Teaching Certificate (probationary certificates are not accepted) Please note that long term substitute pay begins on day 11 of the same professional substitute assignment and remains in effect as long as the substitute has continuous employment in that assignment.

  • Should a break in service occur, the pay reverts back to the standard substitute pay until the substitute works another 10 consecutive days in the same assignment.
  • Long term assignments require advance approval by HR.
Paraprofessional Assignments (Aides)
Applicants seeking employment for classroom aide substitutes only: Minimum high school diploma or GED (verified by transcript or diploma certificate)
Daily Rate (for a full day assignment)
Paraprofessional Assignment: Non-Specialized $70.00
Paraprofessional Assignment: All Special Education $75.00
Permanent Special Education Floating Substitutes - AKA the Daily Start (Daily Start)
Active substitutes are eligible to apply. The Daily Start rate stays the same regardless of the type of position, (professional or paraprofessional) the substitute was assigned to work. $95.00