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Pay Rates for Subs

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The MISD daily rate of pay for substitute teachers is based on the applicant's educational qualifications. The qualifications are determined by official transcripts in addition to proof of certification if applicable. Rates are as follows:

Professional Assignments (Teachers)
Minimum 24 college hours* (verified by an original transcript)
Daily Rate (for a full day assignment)
Non-Degreed (Minimum 24 college hours*) $100.00
Degreed (bachelors or higher)   $110.00      
Certified (Standard Texas Certificate) $125.00     
**Long Term (Degreed/Certified) $125.00 (starting on day 11)
**Long Term (Certified in corresponding subject area) $165 (starting on day 21)

* The minimum 24 college hours is for the 2022-23 school term only. The minimum will be 48 hours for subsequent school terms.

**(after 10th day in a consecutive assignment. See special notice below)

**Long-Term Substitute Pay:

Long-term substitute pay begins on day 11 of the same professional substitute assignment and remains in effect as long as the substitute has continuous employment in that assignment.

  • Should a break in service occur, the pay reverts back to the standard substitute pay until the substitute works another 10 consecutive days in the same assignment.
  • Long-term assignments require advance approval by Human Resources.
Paraprofessional Assignments (Aides)
Applicants seeking employment for classroom aide substitutes only: Minimum high school diploma or GED (verified by transcript or diploma certificate/para assessment scheduled through the substitute office).
Daily Rate (for a full day assignment)
Paraprofessional Assignment: Non-Specialized $80.00
Paraprofessional Assignment: All Special Education $85.00
Permanent Special Education Floating Substitutes (The Daily Start) $105.00
Active substitutes are eligible to apply. to the Special Education Floater Pool. The Daily Start rate stays the same regardless of the type of position, professional or paraprofessional, the substitute was assigned to work by the Special Education office.