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Student Teaching Placement

MISD believes the professional growth and development afforded the student teacher during their internship is critical to the successful transition from student to teacher. We will work with you to see that quality placements are made to enhance the student learning process.

Student Placement Steps

  1. A written placement request must be sent from the college, university or teacher preparation program to Dr. Tracey Patton at TraceyPatton@misdmail.org.
  2. Student Teachers must pass a criminal background check.
    • MISD uses a reputable third-party company to obtain criminal background checks.
    • Your social security number (SSN) is used to conduct the background check. However, MISD cannot require parties who are not employees of the district to provide social security information. If an applicant opts out of providing their SSN, the applicant may not be allowed to student teach.
    • The information given will only be used to determine criminal history. Credit scores and credit reports are not obtained during the background check process.
  3. Approved placements will be sent to the college, university or teacher preparation program office for student notification.
  4. Approved student teachers must report to the MISD Human Resources Department (605 E. Broad Street, Mansfield, TX 76063) to complete an emergency contact form and sign/notarize a Pre-Employment Affidavit with Kia Crosby.
    • No appointment is necessary, but forms are ONLY accepted Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. - noon.
  5. Student teachers will be sent to the MISD Police Department (1522 N. Walnut Creek, Mansfield, TX 76063) to have a district identification badge made. Student teachers will not be able to report to a campus without this badge.
  6. Begin the application process here by selecting Human Resources.