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Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to our teacher of the year, Coach Manley.

Softball Champs

Cindy Manley has been teaching and coaching for 35 years, including all seven years Lake Ridge has been open.  "I will miss the kids, coaches, and teachers because these people are my friends," Coach Manley stated.  Over the years, she has also had some amazing memories here.  "In coaching, my favorite memory was when volleyball went three rounds deep the year we opened because no one expected us to be any good the first year, but volleyball was amazing," Manley said.  Coach Manley shared more special moments "Also, when softball finally made the playoffs and went four rounds deep our first time, that was unbelievable."  

Coach Manley cannot believe her career has already come to an end, and does not have many plans for retirement yet.  She said "Some days it's 'Oh my gosh, where did the time go' and others it's 'I can't wait, it has been a long 35 years.' 

Coach Manley plans to stay in Mansfield for a little while and still announce sporting events for Lake Ridge to stay involved.  She also may sub once a week just to keep up with her old coworkers and students. 

Manley shared some advice for new teachers in the future.  She said "Teachers need to remember that they are there to make a difference in someone's life.  They probably changed a kid's life and that is worth all of it."  Coach Manley will always be a Lake Ridge Eagle regardless of is she is working or not.

The article was written by Zachary Zimmerman for the Lake Ridge Yearbook.

Coach Manley, you will be greatly missed.  Thank you for all that you have done for Lake Ridge.