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Student Facts for FHS Graduation 2018-2019

Student Facts for FHS Graduation 2018-2019

  • Graduation Schedule for 2019 

Frontier High School - Thursday, May 23rd @ 6:30 p.m. 

    • Graduation ceremonies will be held at the Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts (the Center) located at 1110 W. Debbie Lane, Mansfield, TX 76063: 
    • Seating capacity at the Center is 2400. 
    • Seating is reserved seating 
    • Each student will receive 10 reserved seat tickets (Seating is not first come, first serve) 
    • Reserved Seating: Each student will receive 10 tickets, which will be grouped together. Campus administrators will conduct a random selection process to distribute tickets to students at the designated time in May. 
    • These 10 tickets will be grouped together 
    • Every person regardless of age must have a ticket 
    • For handicapped seating, contact the Academic Associate Principal at your campus 
    • Students, faculty advisors, and administration will meet at the home campus and transportation will be provided to the Center for the ceremony.
  • Schedule
    • Students will report to Center for Performing Arts 2 hours prior to the graduation start time (Be there by 4:30 pm, dressed for graduation) 
    • Students will stage in the holding room at the Center 
    • Students will do a rehearsal walkthrough prior to graduation and prior to doors opening to the public. 
    • Students and faculty advisors will be seated on the stage 
    • Guests admission to the Center auditorium will begin 1 hour prior to the graduation start time (5:30 pm) 
    • All seats are reserved for the ticket holder 
  • Dress for Graduation 
    • Students will be expected to dress appropriately for the ceremony 
    • Dress Shirt and Tie for men are preferred. Dress shirt is preferred if no tie is worn. 
    • Dresses for ladies is preferred (within dress code standards) 
    • Dark shoes for ladies and men are preferred (no tennis shoes or sneakers) 
    • Ladies practice walking in high heels if they will be worn for graduation 
    • Dress code check will be performed prior to going on stage. 
    • Mortar Boards may not have writing or decorations on them of any kind. If they are decorated, students will be required to purchase a new one prior to going on stage. 
    • Students should leave purses and backpacks at home. Items brought in by students must be able to fit into pockets, girls may carry a small satchel style purse under their gown as long as it doesn’t look bulky.
  • Miscellaneous 
    • No hired video or photography is allowed in the Center. 
    • No flowers, balloons, noise-makers, or air-horns will be allowed in any part of the Center at any time before, during, or after the graduation ceremonies 
    • Food and drink will not be allowed in the Center before, during, or after the graduation ceremonies 
    • In preparation for the next graduation, students and family members will not be allowed to re-enter the Center after exiting 
    • Entrances to the Center parking will be off Main Street and Debbie Lane. 
    • Shuttles will be utilized in the parking lot to assist guests to the Center