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MISD Students Win Medals At State Academic Decathlon Competition

Summit, Lake Ridge and Legacy high school students competed in the state Academic Decathlon (AcDec) competition in San Antonio and came back with medals.

AcDec is a ten-event scholastic competition that provides high school students an opportunity to experience the challenges of rigorous academic competition through participation in team activities. Students must compete in seven multiple-choice exams, an essay, an interview and a speech.

Summit High School earned two medals. Fatima Al-Fadil earned a first place medal in interview. Tiffany Yang placed third in music and first place in prepared speech.

Lake Ridge High School earned three individual medals. Vivian Nguyen placed second in social science honors. Jean Cook earned first place in interview and Caleb Athens earned first place in speech honors.

Legacy High School earned a total of three medals and every student who competed increased their score. Phillip Ipock placed third in the essay event. Natalie Ponder earned third place for interview. Helen Baker earned first place for interview with a perfect score.

Congratulations to all the AcDec students and coaches who participated.

AcDec Student Recognition