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Coble Coyote Choir

UIL Concert and Sight Reading Competition Results:

The Advanced Treble Choir received an overall "Superior" rating in sight reading, earning a plaque, which will be engraved with all their names.  They also received an "Excellent" rating on stage with one judge, Composer Emily Crocker, giving them a "Superior" score.

The Advanced Tenor/Bass Coir received straight "Excellent" ratings on the concert stage and straight "Superior" scores in sight reading.  They too, earned a plaque that will be engraved with their names.  

The Combination Beginner/Intermediate Treble Choir receive what is called a "Clean Sweep", meaning that all six judges, both on the concert stage and in the sight reading room, scored  them with "Superior" ratings.  These ladies brought home a UIL trophy to be engraved with all their names.  WAY TO GO!

The Combined Beginner/Intermediate Boys' Choir, which marks the first time Coble Middle has ever sent 2 boys' choirs to UIL, scored well also.  They received straight "Excellent" ratings on stage and an overall "Excellent" score in sight reading.

Coble Choir UIL 2019