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Bus Attendants

What all do I need to have to be fully qualified as a school bus attendant?

  • Wheelchair Training
  • Watch all Transportation videos

How do I go about getting the training?

Step One: Fill out an application and turn it in.

Step Two: (conducted by Human Resources and Transportation)

  1. Background check
  2. Interview by Transportation Administration
  3. Transportation Manager Orientation

Step Three: Pass MISD Transportation level one performance qualification test. The test includes: Exiting out of the back door of the bus in 25seconds, physically stepping through an opened emergency exit roof hatch and walking to a parked bus on the parking lot, and back on the second floor within three minutes.

Step Four:

  • Transportation Orientation Class (3hrs)
  • Transportation Wheel Chair Class (3hrs)
  • View all Transportation videos (16 videos)

Step Five: Hands on training with a Transportation Trainer - The hands on training will take four days (three hours each day)

What does the five days of training with a Transportation Trainer consist of?

Day One: Transportation Orientation and Wheel Chair Training- 6hrs This class is only for Transportation employees (Drivers/Attendants). It is not applicable to MISD coaches.

Day Two: Bus Basics Orientation

  • Policies - (Dress code, cell phone, field trip paper work, fueling , Helping driver to back, (amber/four way flasher usages, speed limits, CNG, child alarm system, camera system and accident procedure)
  • Bus orientation -( belt and whistle, mirrors, emergency equipment, bus log book)
  • Pre/Post-trip inspection (air brakes, inside and outside inspection, mirrors adjustment, lift usage, danger zones, loading and unloading student.)

Day Three: Securing SPED Equipment

  • Recap pre/post trip
  • Air brakes
  • Using the lift
  • Loading and unloading student
  • Securing wheel chair
  • Securing star seat
  • Securing vest
  • Securing equipment when not in use
  • Filling out paperwork

Day Four: Railroad Crossing/Loading and Unloading

  • Recap pre/post trip, Air brakes, Securing Wheel chair, Securing Star seat, Securing Equipment when not in use, Securing Vest, and Filling out paper work, Loading and Unloading Student, Lift Usage
  • Railroad Crossing
  • Loading and Unloading
  • MISD Performance Practice

Day Five: MISD Transportation Level Two Performance Qualification Test

  • Recap pre/post trip, air brakes, securing wheel chair, securing star seat, securing equipment when not in use, securing vest, and filling out paperwork, loading and unloading student, lift usage
  • Railroad crossing
  • Loading and unloading
  • MISD performance test

What does MISD Transportation Level Two Performance Qualification Test entails?

a. Pre/Post trip inspection

b. Loading and unloading student

c. Securing wheel chair

d. Securing star seat

e. Securing vest

f. Securing equipment when not in use