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Track My Bus

The MISD Transportation Department provides a way for parents to track their child's bus location in real time with the Edulog Parent Portal App.
Parents can now get the information they need without making a call to the Transportation Department. Edulog's Parent Portal is a smartphone app that provides student transportation information to allow parents to view the planned time and GPS location for their child's bus ride to school.

About the Parent Portal

iphone screen of parent portal trip to school

Through integration with our Find My Bus routing system, the Edulog Parent Portal smartphone app allows parents to: 

  • Register students for bus service;
  • Access designated bus stop times and locations;
  • See real-time information about the location of a child’s school bus;
  • Receive notifications when the bus is approaching the bus stop

The parent portal app also allows parents to receive time-sensitive messages like bus delays and when a substitute bus is running a route due to maintenance on a regular bus.

Tracking My Bus

  1. Download the Edulog Parent Portal app, sign up and check your email to authenticate.
    Edulog Parent Portal App icon

    Available on the App Store  | Get it on Google Play

  2. Enter your student's security information.
  3. See your student's bus stop time and location.
  4. Locate your school bus and receive alerts.

Using the App

How to Get Started with Edulog Parent Portal (video)

Step-by-step infographic for loading and using the app (en Español)

Edulog Parent Portal Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about the Track My Bus system, please contact the MISD Transportation Office at 817-299-6060.