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Special Needs

The Special Needs Transportation Handbook was created to provide Parents/Guardians, school staff and faculty with a source of information that addresses responsibilities and procedures within Special Needs Transportation. Special Needs Transportation is committed to providing safe, effective and efficient transportation services for Special Needs students. Our sincere hope is that the handbook will contribute to a clearer understanding of Special Needs Transportation services.

The full scope of the Special Needs Transportation operation is much broader than can be contained in a handbook. The handbook is not intended to be all inclusive, but rather an avenue to share important information with all parties associated with transporting Special Needs students.

The Special Needs Program of MISD Transportation Department strongly encourages Parents/Guardians to schedule appointments with us to personally view equipment, buses, meet drivers/attendants, management and office staff.

To schedule a meeting, please contact the Transportation Manager at (817) 299-6065.