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Mansfield ISD School Bus Drivers

School bus drivers are selected, hired and trained following rigorous selection criteria and a thorough criminal history background check. All MISD school bus drivers are trained through the Texas Department of Public Safety School Bus Driver Certification Course. Each driver has also earned a Class B Commercial Driver License.

Bus drivers are required to pass a pre-employment drug test along with an annual physical and are subject to random drug and alcohol testing. Every driver has successfully completed the required school bus driver training course as well as periodic safety training.

MISD school bus drivers are professionals and are expected to conduct themselves as such at all times. They work hard to earn the trust and respect of parents/guardians and students. As a result of their dedication and professionalism, they will expect courtesy and consideration from all students and adults.

Eligible Riders

Generally, students who reside more than 2 miles from their school (as measured along public roadways) are eligible for state-funded bus transportation. All Pre-K through 1st grade students must wear an official MISD bus tag when riding the bus. Additionally, selected neighborhoods less than the 2 mile funding limit have been designated as hazardous walk areas by application of Board policy. Students within these areas will also be provided bus service.

Students must be able to independently ride the bus to and from school.  Younger students, especially those of elementary age must be able to recognize their bus stop and be able to walk to and from their home and the bus stop.  Bus drivers do not have the ability to access a student’s address from the bus.  To prevent other students from being delayed, any student that does not know their stop will be taken back to their school at the end of the buses last run.

Designated Bus Stops (Pick up and Delivery Points)

Authorized bus stops will be established within a reasonable walking distance (state standards) of the home of every student eligible for transportation services. It is the responsibility of the Transportation Department to set designated bus stops with student safety, fairness and consistency in mind. All students should load and unload at their designated bus stop only. If a parent/guardian believes that a bus stop needs to be changed, please contact the transportation director or manager to discuss your recommended solution. The decision to have a designated bus stop changed will be made only when it is in the best interest of safe transportation for that bus.

Restricted Areas

Mansfield ISD buses will not enter dead-end streets or personal property except when approved by the Director of Transportation. Generally, use of private property requires concurrence by the property owner.

Video Cameras

Video cameras (with audio) are utilized on most Mansfield ISD school buses.

School or law enforcement personnel may use this information as safety training material and/or evidence of bus safety rule violations.

Safe Seating Standards

School buses are designed for the safety of students. A major design factor is the compartment formed by each seat, which protects the students sitting on that bench seat. In order for this compartmentalization to work properly, proper seating is required. While seated, each student should face forward; the student torso should be facing forward at all times, the student’s back should be flat against the back of the seat and the student’s bottom should be flat on the seat. (sitting straight back, upright against the seat.) Both feet and legs should be kept in front of their body.

Prohibited Items

  • Tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, E Cigs, or drugs.
  • Matches, lighters, or any harmful or flammable chemical/propellant.
  • Weapons or explosive devices (as defined by the Student Code of Conduct) or any item, which could cause or is used to cause bodily harm.
  • Glass containers or any food or drink (particularly gum, suckers, soft drinks or hard candies). Anything being eaten can be a choking hazard. Students should keep these items secured in their backpack at all times.
  • Pencils or pens that do not remain in the shirt pocket or back pack.
  • Laser pens.
  • Sporting or recreation equipment (roller blades, balls, bats, skateboards, etc.) unless completely enclosed inside the student’s backpack.
  • Objects too large to be held in the student’s lap or that blocks the view of the driver (school projects, musical instruments, etc.).
  • Live animals or insects.

Extracurricular Trips

All bus safety rules apply to riding the bus to school-sponsored events.

The bus driver has overall responsibility for the bus and safety of all passengers; however, the sponsor will be expected to address student behavior issues.

Cleanliness of the bus is the responsibility of the trip sponsor.

Weather Conditions

School buses operate on any day that school is being held. Currently four options exist on bad weather days.

  • School starts on time & ends on time.
  • Early dismissal: On days of early dismissal due to weather conditions, schools must determine whether a child has appropriate supervision at home. If the campus puts a student onto the bus, that student will be delivered to their bus stop/drop off point.
  • Delay start up: If school is delayed two hours, the buses will run two hours later than normal.
  • Cancel school: A decision to cancel classes for the day will be made by 5:00 a.m. and these radio and television stations will be notified immediately. In addition, we will contact Metro Networks, which notifies many additional radio stations.

Radio Stations: WBAP 820 AM | KVIL 103.7 FM
T.V. Stations: Channels 4, 5, 8, and 11

Weather-related school closings information