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Riders Handbook

Mansfield ISD offers bus transportation for all eligible students as determined by board policy.

The MISD Transportation Department believes bus service enhances the learning experience of each student. As the first faces students see each school day, we strive to start each day on a positive note. The following rules have been established to provide all students with a safe, comfortable and pleasant ride to and from school each day.

School Bus Rider's Safety Handbook

General Information

The bus is an extension of the classroom and the bus driver is an extension of the teacher thus all district policies are also observed on district transportation.

Authorized Bus Stops are established within a reasonable walking distance of the home of every student eligible for transportation services. It is the responsibility of the Transportation Department to set designated bus stops with student safety, fairness and consistency in mind. All students should load and unload at their designated bus stop only. If a parent/guardian believes that a bus stop needs to be changed, please contact the Route Manager to discuss your recommended solution. The decision to change a bus stop will be made only when it is in the best interest of safe transportation for that bus.

Restricted Areas: Mansfield ISD buses will not enter dead-end streets or personal property except when approved by the Director of Operations. Use of private property requires concurrence by the property owner.

Video Cameras (with audio) are utilized on Mansfield ISD school buses for the protection of all riders and the driver. School personnel and/or MISD law enforcement may use this information as safety training material and/or evidence of bus safety rule violations.

Proper Seating: School buses are designed for the safety of students. When students are injured on a school bus, it is generally because they were not sitting correctly in their seat. A major design factor is the compartmentalization formed by each seat, which protects the students. Therefore, each student should face forward at all times. The student’s back should be flat against the back of the seat, and the student’s bottom should be flat on the seat. Legs should be kept in front of their body, with feet on the floor and out of the aisle.

MISD school bus drivers are certified through the Texas Department of Public Safety and each driver has earned a Class B Commercial Driver License. Bus drivers are required to pass a pre-employment drug test along with an annual physical and are subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

For the complete rider handbook, please download the School Bus Rider's Safety Handbook.