Our Schools

Half-Day Programs (Pre-K)

General Procedures

  • The Transportation Department must have a completed Transportation Request Form from the campus in order to initiate bus service for midday transportation.
  • Bus service will start as soon as possible after the Transportation Office receives the paperwork. The driver will call with a time of pick up or drop off and the day service will start.
  • A three-day notice is required for any change in a child’s delivery or pick up place.

Morning Class

  • Students, if eligible for bus service, will ride the bus to school with the rest of the elementary students and be picked up at the regular bus stop. Drivers will call with the scheduled time they will deliver the student from school as soon as they develop a route plan.
  • Students riding the midday bus home will be delivered as close as possible to home. The bus driver must see a parent/guardian or adult before letting the student off the bus. If no parent/guardian is seen, the student will remain on the bus until completion of the bus run. The student will then be returned to the campus. If this happens more than one time, it could result in the student not being able to ride the bus.

Afternoon Class

  • A bus driver will call with the scheduled time they will pick up your student as soon as they develop a route plan.
  • Midday buses will pick students up at a designated bus stop as close as possible to their home.
  • If the bus comes by three consecutive days and the student does not ride, the bus driver will make an attempt to determine the student’s status. Unless otherwise coordinated, the bus will not be back until the parent/guardian calls the Transportation Dispatch Office to confirm the student will still be riding the bus.
  • Students should be waiting for the bus at least 15 minutes prior and ready to begin loading when the bus arrives.
  • If eligible to ride a bus, the half-day afternoon student will ride the regular bus home with other elementary students and will be dropped off at the regular bus stop closest to their home. If not eligible there will be no transportation provided.