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Reporting Lost or Stolen Devices

A lost or stolen device must be reported immediately to a campus administrator, the technology department and the MISD police department. This will allow us to quickly investigate and possibly recover the device.

In addition, the district can disable the device remotely to protect the device and/or data on the device. The reporting of missing devices is also required in order to clear the device from the student's possession.

Filing a Missing Report

graphic of iPhone within a magnifying glass symbolizing missing device

To file a loss report of a district-issued device, please follow these instructions:

  1. Review the MISD Student Device Usage Handbook.
  2. Fill out the Help Desk Ticket Request.
  3. Select "My district-issued device is lost or stolen" under the Student Need section.
  4. Your assigned campus technician will attempt to locate the district-issued device using various digital resources.
    • If the device is found, arrangements will be made to get the device back to the student.
    • If the device is not found, the case will be reassigned to the MISD Police Department. If the police department is not able to retrieve the device, the MISD Technology Department will contact the student/parent to collect payment.
      • New device turnaround time is typically 48 business hours after payment has been received for unaccounted devices. A new application will need to be signed to obtain the replacement device.

Making a Payment

Students who are required to pay for lost devices, cord replacements or repair may pay online using the Skyward portal.

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