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Assistance with Broken/Damaged Devices

Devices will become worn over time or stop functioning like they did when they were new. Mansfield ISD has a three-year warranty with every device purchased. This warranty covers manufacturer defects only which does not include items like accidental damage.

Repair and replacement policies for damaged devices are similar to policies for textbooks or other school equipment. In instances where an issue can be resolved without a repair cost, the MISD Technology department will take care of the incident and return the device to the student. Fees may apply for the student/parent in cases where repairs need to be made.

Requesting Assistance for Broken/Damaged Devices

shattered chromebook screen

To request assistance for a damaged or non-functioning device, please follow these instructions:

  1. Review the MISD Student Device Usage Handbook.
  2. Fill out the Help Desk Ticket Request.
  3. Select "My district-issued device is not functioning or damaged" under the Student Need section.
  4. Your assigned campus technician will receive the request.
    • If the device can be repaired without cost, your campus technician will address any issues for repair and arrangements will be made to get the device back to the student.
    • If the device requires a cost to repair or needs to be replaced, your campus technician will address the device issue and you will be contacted by the MISD Technology Department to collect payment, if applicable.
      • New device turnaround time is typically 3-5 business days after payment has been received for unaccounted devices. A new application will need to be signed to obtain the replacement device.

Paying for Broken/Damaged Devices

Students who are required to pay for lost devices, cord replacements or repair may pay within the Fee Management section of Skyward.

For information on optional device insurance, view the Optional Device Protection Program.

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