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Proof of Residency

Before school starts each August, all students are required to provide proof of residence (POR). Approved proof of residency documents (see list below) must show the student's current address and be within specified date guidelines.

Returning students may provide proof of residency with service dates beginning no earlier than May. If the POR does not reflect a service date in May or later, the POR will NOT be accepted and a new POR will need to be taken to the campus. If completed, no additional POR will be required at the start of school.

New students enrolling during the summer must bring documentation to their school upon enrollment in the form of a new lease agreement or closing document on a home purchase. Proof of residency is additionally required within 30 days of the new housing agreement. For further information regarding specific dates and times during which personnel will be available to receive and process your records, check with your designated campus.

Approved Forms of Proof of Residency

Proof of Residency must be provided with one of the following items listed below. Each item must show a service address.

  • Electric Bill – with May service dates or later
  • Gas Bill - with May service dates or later
  • Water Bill – with May service dates or later
  • Lease Agreement - if a newly established lease (within 30 days) is provided for proof of residency, a utility bill must be provided after 30 days of the start date on the lease (also used when you do not have a utility bill and the lease states bills are paid by lessor)
    • The lease agreement must:
      • list the student occupants
      • show a beginning and ending date
      • include the address of the property with signatures from both the lessor and lessee

NOTE: No other documents will be accepted as proof of residency—including, but not limited to, termination and disconnection notices.

Submitting Proof of Residency

Proof of Residency may be submitted electronically or in person at your home campus.

  • Online Submission - To submit your files electronically, please send your approved document via email to the POR email address for your student's home campus. NOTE: If you have children at multiple schools, you must include each campus in the email.
  • In-Person Submission - In-person submissions may require an appointment. Please call ahead first. A list of campus numbers can be found here.

Additional Information on POR

Changes to Primary Residency
If the primary residence changes after a proof of residency has been submitted to the campus, the parent/guardian must notify the campus. The student(s) may or may not be able to attend the campus based upon the original POR. A continuance application may be submitted to remain at the campus for the semester.

If you are unable to provide sufficient proof of residency because you are currently living with someone who is the actual MISD resident and there is no electric, gas, water bill or lease agreement in your name, the MISD resident will need to complete an Affidavit for Proof of Residency (Español) stating that you live in his/her home. This form is available at the link above, your campus and at the Department of Student Services. Submit the completed affidavit with all other enrollment documents at the campus of assignment. Upon approval at the campus level, you will be allowed to proceed with the enrollment process.

Families who are in the process of building a home and who are not in possession of the home by the first day of school must take their sales contract and a letter on letterhead stationary from their builder specifying a move-in/completion date to Student Services.

Families who have a contract on a purchased home that will close within 45 days of the beginning of school, will need to confer with Student Services on applicable Board Policies and guidelines for enrollment. Failure to provide the necessary documentation may result in enrollment delays or withdrawal from school.

Within 30 days of the closing date for a newly built home or newly signed lease, satisfactory proof of residence in the form of water, gas or electric bill addressed to the student’s parent at the new address must be provided to the campus. Students will be withdrawn if proof of residence is not provided within 30 days of the closing date listed on the sales contract/letter from builder.

Have Questions, Need More Assistance? Please contact the Director of Campus Support at 817-299-6360 or an administrator at your campus of assignment.