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Proof of Residency (POR)

Before school starts each August, all students are required to provide proof of residence (POR). Approved proof of residency documents (see Approved Forms section) must show the student's current address and be within specified date guidelines.

Returning students may provide proof of residency with service dates beginning no earlier than May. If the POR does not reflect a service date in May or later, the POR will NOT be accepted and a new POR will need to be taken to the campus. If completed, no additional POR will be required at the start of school.

New students enrolling during the summer must bring documentation to their school upon enrollment in the form of a new lease agreement or closing document on a home purchase. Proof of residency is additionally required within 30 days of the new housing agreement. For further information regarding specific dates and times during which personnel will be available to receive and process your records, check with your designated campus.

Have Questions, Need More Assistance? Please contact the Director of Campus Support at 817-299-6360 or an administrator at your campus of assignment.