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Unauthorized Persons

In accordance with Senate Bill 1553 and Texas Education Code 37.101, authorized district personnel, including school district police officers, may refuse to allow a person to enter on or may eject a person from property under the district’s control if:

  • The person refuses to leave peaceably on request and the person poses a substantial risk of harm to any person; or
  • The person behaves in a manner that is inappropriate for a school setting and:
  • The authorized district personnel or school district police officer issues a verbal warning to the person that the person’s behavior is inappropriate and may result in the person’s refusal of entry or ejection; and
  • The person persists in that behavior.

District officials may request assistance from law enforcement in an emergency or when a person is engaging in behavior rising to the level of criminal conduct.

Under TEC 37.107, the criminal laws of the state apply to the areas under control and jurisdiction of the board. An unauthorized person who trespasses on the grounds of a school district commits a Class C misdemeanor.

In the event that a person is not allowed to enter or is ejected from property under the districts control, the person may appeal the decision by filing a formal complaint. To appeal the decision, the person must adhere to the procedures outlined in Board Policy FNG (LOCAL) for students and parents, Board Policy DGBA (LOCAL) for employees, and Board Policy GF (LOCAL) for members of the public.

More information about the formal complaint process can be found on the MISD Complaints, Grievances and Concerns webpage.