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National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention MonthOctober is National Bullying Prevention Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about bullying and promote the ways to prevent and/or stop it from happening.

National Bullying Prevention Month 2019 officially kicks off on Oct. 7, which is World Day of Bullying Prevention. The month is observed by schools, communities and organizations all across the country.

Mansfield ISD campuses are engaging students in bullying prevention activities throughout the month. The goal is to increase awareness of the impact of all forms of bullying on children of all ages in hopes of ending bullying and cyberbullying.

View the list of campus activities being held:

Elementary Schools

School Bully Prevention Activity
Dr. Sarah K. Jandrucko Academy
  • Create a Unity wall
  • Make an anti-bullying pledge
  • Receive anti-bullying ribbons
  • Wearing orange on Unity Day (Oct. 23)

Charlotte Anderson Elementary


  • Create two-minute news segment on Viking News Network that provides time for students to discuss the difference of a student being rude or mean versus being bullied.
  • Host an Anti-bullying family meeting.
  • Invite Rangers Spanish radio broadcaster Eleno Ornelas to speak about bullying.

Janet Brockett Elementary


  • Learn that "Bully Free is Easy as 1-2-3" by participating in three challenges:
  • Design and create digital recordings of anti-bullying themed skits. 
  • Complete and submit anti-bullying themed tips (advice and "what would you do?" scenarios). Submissions will be read during morning announcements. 
  • Wear blue on for World Day of Bullying Prevention on Oct. 7.
  • Address bullying topics during an All-Pro Dad breakfast on Oct. 4.

Willie Brown Academy


  • Participate in kindness, acceptance and inclusion week from Oct. 23 through Nov. 1.
  • Celebrate diversity with different exercises for each grade level.
  • Participate in a Kindness Scavenger Hunt
  • Participate in Eat Lunch with Someone Different Day on Oct. 24.

Louise Cabaniss Academy

  • Engage in anti-bullying guidance lessons facilitated by the counselor.
  • Play anti-bullying messages during the morning announcements.
  • Play anti-bullying videos on hallway televisions.
  • Send e-mail communication about Talk-Walk-Tell and positive self-esteem.

Kenneth Davis Elementary

  • Invite guest speaker to talk to students about cyberbullying.
  • Wear blue on for World Day of Bullying Prevention on Oct. 7.
  • Create kindness chain and write letters to other students about being kind.

Anna May Daulton Elementary

  • Conduct a bullying prevention presentation.
  • Have ongoing guidance lessons with the counselor.
  • Wear anti-bullying bracelets.
  • Post anti-bullying posters in all the classrooms.
  • Encourage kindness and empathy in the school through the morning announcements.
  • Sign an anti-bullying pledge on a large poster to be displayed in the school.

Imogene Gideon Elementary

  • Participate in the Gideon 30-Day Kindness Challenge
  • Host Motivation Mondays in which there are topics to encourage healthy interactions with others.
  • Wear blue for World Day of Bullying Prevention on Oct. 7.
  • Host a Positive Messages Art Contest on Oct. 14.
  • Participate in No One Eats Alone Day on Oct. 21, which will include simple games and conversation starters to help students interact with others.
  • Play student-led bullying prevention videos on Gator News throughout the month.
  • Conduct classroom restorative circles about bullying.
  • Display kindness pledge, bracelets and shout out boards in the cafeteria.

Glenn Harmon Elementary

  • Engage in an anti-bullying poster contest.
  • Conduct Safe Havens Anti-bullying presentations Oct. 1 through Oct. 4.

Carol Holt Elementary

  • Participate in Stomp Out Bullying Day on Oct. 29 in which students and staff will wear boots.
  • Sign a No Bullying Agreement.

Thelma Jones Elementary

  • Participate in schoolwide dress-up days.
  • Take a school schoolwide No Bully Pledge.
  • Conduct Talk-Walk-Tell conflict resolution.
  • Give bully prevention tips on the morning announcement..
  • Play bullying prevention bingo.
  • Host lunchtime read-alouds by administrators.
  • Send anti-bullying information in the school newsletter.

Judy K. Miller Elementary

  • Provide anti-bullying lessons, led by the school counselor, to students in kindergarten through second grade.
  • Host schoolwide anti-bullying assembly.
  • Include bullying awareness in Red Ribbon Week activities.

D.P. Morris Elementary

  • Wear blue for World Day of Bullying Prevention on Oct. 7.
  • Create a poster that includes five ways to prevent bullying on Oct. 8.
  • Take a school schoolwide No Bully Pledge on Oct. 9.
  • Watch an anti-bullying video in the cafeteria during lunches on Oct. 10.
  • Host a Sit with Someone Different Day on Oct. 11 so students can make a new friend.

Erma Nash Elementary

  • Wear blue for World Day of Bullying Prevention on Oct. 7.
  • Host an anti-bullying assembly in which the Lake Ridge High School step team will perform.

Nancy Neal Elementary

  • Wear blue for World Day of Bullying Prevention on Oct. 7.
  • Host an anti-bullying program on Oct. 8 featuring Rowdy, the Dallas Cowboys mascot.
  • Make weekly announcements every Monday in October about anti-bullying.

Annette Perry Elementary

  • Provide anti-bullying lessons, hosted by the counselor.
  • Display Blue ribbons around campus for bullying prevention.
  • Host an anti-bullying poster competition through art class.
  • Create a graffiti wall for students to post anti-bullying statements and positive thoughts towards others.

Alice Ponder Elementary

  • Begin Safe Haven Bullying Prevention in October and continue related lessons and activities throughout the school year.

Martha Reid Academy

  • Play bullying prevention announcements and videos that highlight the theme of each week including videos.
  • Host Unity Day each Tuesday.

Mary Jo Sheppard Elementary

  • Host daily dress-up days that coincide with anti-bullying themes.

Elizabeth Smith Academy

  • Incorporate anti-bullying themes into the school’s celebration of Red Ribbon week.

Cora Spencer Elementary

  • Host a schoolwide Talk, Walk, Tell conflict resolution event.
  • Read and discuss books about anti-bullying.
  • Conduct different anti-bullying games and activities.
  • Discuss bullying and the best way to handle it.
  • Incorporate anti-bullying themes in Red Ribbon Week.

Tarver-Rendon Elementary

  • Engage in different dress-up days along with a specific activity that promotes kindness.
  • Sign a pledge to stand up to bullying.
  • Present guidance lessons on the difference between being rude, mean and bullying.

Roberta Tipps Elementary

  • Wear blue and boots to stomp out bullying for World Day of Bullying Prevention on Oct. 7.
  • Create a poster that includes five ways to prevent bullying on Oct. 8 and Oct. 9.
  • Take a school schoolwide No Bully Pledge on Oct. 10. The posters will be displayed in the cafeteria.
  • Host a Sit with Someone Different Day on Oct. 11 so students can make a new friend.


Intermediate Schools

School Bully Prevention Activity  

Della Icenhower Intermediate

  • Present an anti-bullying presentation all fifth- and sixth-graders to define what bullying is and teach what to do if they are the victim or witness to the act. 
  • Host four "Taco-Bout It" nights over the course of the year so that parents have access to counselors and are able to voice their thoughts and concerns regarding all things, including bullying.

Mary Lillard Intermediate

  • Wear blue for World Day of Bullying Prevention on Oct. 7.
  • Read bully protection strategies, which will be recorded and presented in the school’s news.
  • Play bullying prevention announcements regularly throughout the month.
  • Wear orange for Unity Day on Oct. 23.  
  • Write positive notes and place them on lockers randomly throughout October.

Mary Orr Intermediate

  • Host a bullying prevention door decorating contest.
  • Host a Kindness/Friendship Day each Friday.
  • Participate in Red Ribbon Week activities.
  • Play video announcements about anti- bullying throughout the month.
  • Wear kindness shirts on spirit days.
  • Encourage students to join the kindness movement.

Jerry Knight STEM Academy

  • Wear orange for Unity Day on Oct. 23.

Donna Shepard Academy

  • Conduct activities and lessons around creating change during the six weeks by focusing on affirmations as part of the study of MISD’s core value of communication.


Middle Schools

School Bully Prevention Activity

James Coble Middle

  • Wear blue for World Day of Bullying Prevention on Oct. 7.
  • Host intentional weekly activities that include all students.
  • Continue "Character Counts" talks during daily advisory time.
  • Give announcements on anti-bullying awareness throughout the month.
  • Provide guidance lessons on digital citizenship and cyberbullying.
  • Wear orange for Unity Day on Oct. 23.

T. A. Howard Middle

  • Wear blue for World Day of Bullying Prevention on Oct. 7.
  • Wear orange for Unity Day on Oct. 23.
  • Engage in guided anti-bullying lessons, discussions and videos during advisory.
  • Give daily announcements on bullying prevention.

Danny Jones Middle

  • Host Rachel's Challenge program with leadership training for students on Oct. 1.

Brooks Wester Middle

  • Host Start With Hello Week activities, which includes dress-up days and engaging in different kindness activities, during advisory.
  • Give anti-bullying presentation for student.
  • Host safety and climate activities during advisory.

Rogene Worley Middle

  • Play weekly announcements from Project Wisdom.
  • Host an assembly for students featuring an anti-bullying band on Oct. 28.


High Schools

School Bully Prevention Activity

Ben Barber Innovation Academy

  • Participate in a poster contest about anti-bullying. Winners will have their artwork posted in the Commons Area.
  • Create a videos and animations to promote stop bullying campaigns.

Early College High School

  • Engage in an anti-bullying essay writing contest.
  • Make daily bullying prevention announcements for the month of October.
  • Launch "Caught Being Kind" anti-bullying initiative.

Frontier High School


  • Participate in an anti-bullying event on Oct. 18 during advisory.

Lake Ridge High School

  • Wear orange for Unity Day on Oct. 23.
  • Emphasize the impact of bullying throughout the month of October.
  • Create “Take What You Need” bulletin board.
  • Host Club-a-palooza, which is a club fair that promotes connectedness.

Legacy High School

  • Focus on providing information to faculty and students on recognizing and reporting incidents of bullying.
  • Display anti-bullying posters around the building.
  • Show anti-bullying videos during advisory at least twice a week during the month.
  • Place stickers about reporting bullying in different areas of the school.
  • Post information about bullying and other resources on the school website.
  • Make daily announcements over the intercom that focus on the effects of bullying.

The Phoenix Academy

  • Host “Dripped out in Blue: Taking a Stand Against Bullying” I which students will wear blue on a chosen day in October to show support for anti-bullying.
  • Create “Stop The Bullying Affirmation Wall” in which students will write positive words of affirmation and we will display them in the hallway.
  • Create and record a skit about how to seek out help when faced with bullying.


For more information on national events and activities being held during National Bullying Prevention Month, please visit the STOMP Out Bullying website.