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Meal Inspirations

Each week the Student Nutrition department highlights different menu items being offered in their curbside meal and in-person lunch services. The special video editions, hosted by Chef Isabella, the district's culinary trainer, will show students how to prepare these tasty items at home.

Spring 2021 // Volume 7
Texas home grown watermelon is featured with recipes for creating watermelon popsicles as well as selecting and cutting watermelon into picnic slices.

Spring 2021 // Volume 6
The department continues its celebration of Texas grown fruit and veggies with a few recipes using our own sweet corn.

Spring 2021 // Volume 5
Chef Isabella shows us how to create a cheddar broccoli rice dish that students can enjoy making at home.

Spring 2021 // Volume 4
In this edition, the department creates French bread build-your-own pizza and a grapefruit brûlée using ingredients from the meal bundles served during the week.