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Language Acquisition

Mansfield ISD is committed to providing a Dual Language Program and an English as a Second Language (ESL) Program that differentiates and scaffolds instruction across all content areas according to each student’s level of language proficiency while supporting the affective, linguistic and cognitive needs of all students.

Eligibility for English Language Learner (ELL) Services

§89.1225. Testing and Classification of Students.

(a)  For identifying English language learners, school districts shall administer to each student who has a language other than English as identified on the home language survey:

(1)  In prekindergarten through Grade 1, an oral language proficiency test approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA); and

(2)  In Grades 2-12, a TEA-approved oral language proficiency test and the English reading and English language arts sections from a TEA-approved norm-referenced assessment, or another test approved by the TEA, unless the norm-referenced standardized achievement instrument is not valid in accordance with subsection (f)(2)(C) of this section.

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