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SEL & Bullying

Preventing and reducing bullying requires a focus on the social, emotional and moral climate of the school, as well as on the social and emotional competence of the entire school body. Bullying can occur when students lack the necessary competences, attitudes and behaviors that social-emotional learning can provide them. 

SEL skills allow students to understand their emotions, initiate and maintain positive relationships, resolve conflicts respectfully and make ethical and safe choices. To develop these abilities, all students need to experience nurturing and safe environments where they feel valued and respected; to have meaningful interactions with others in a socially and emotionally competent manner; and to receive constructive and specific feedback.

Bullying Prevention & MISD

Districts that implement social-emotional learning structures create an anti-bullying environment for all students. For more information on anti-bullying and how to report incidences, please visit the Anti-Bullying webpage.