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Vehicle Titles & Registration

New Vehicles

When a department purchases a new vehicle and/or trailer:.

  1. Contact James Arnold, District Fleet Manager, at 817-299-6086 for a:
    • Complete check of vehicle/trailer to ensure all hoses, fluids, bolts, etc. are secure
    • Vehicle number will be assigned
    • Obtain a fuel tag (fuel fob); not applicable to trailers
    • Turnaround time is 24-48 hours. James will contact you when the vehicle is ready.

  2. Complete the following list of criteria for title/license plate registration to be sent to Alicia Castro:
    • Copy of each document: Purchase Order (PO), Invoice, Bill of Sale, Odometer Disclosure Statement
    • Original title paperwork from dealership (Form 130-U); Note: Mr. Shafer signs as owner on application for Texas Title and/or Registration (Form 130-U)
    • Vehicle Inspection Report
    • Original MCO/Certificate of Origin. For trailers, a Certified Weight Slip is required if original MCO/Certificate of Origin doesn’t notate the empty and gross weight. If trailer combined weight, holding capacity & trailer is under 7500 lbs, no inspection required. If trailer will require license plates, please notify Alicia. Please visit the Texas DPS websites for fees and latest requirements: Texas DPS - Cost of Inspection and Texas DPS - News and Updates
    • Department check covering registration fees, if School Services will be mailing the title registration. Make checks payable to Tarrant County Tax Assessor. This check must accompany all title paperwork. Visit DMV website for fees chart - Texas Two Steps, One Sticker – Fees
    • License plates will be mailed to the corresponding department once they are received by School Services

  3. If a department staff hand carried the title paperwork to Tarrant County office, provide School Services with copies of all registration receipts.

Annual Renewal Vehicle/Trailer Registration

School Services receives all original vehicle registration renewals. 

Copies of the vehicle registration renewal will be emailed to the department secretary and originals will be sent via interoffice mail.

Departments are responsible for processing registration. If new license plates (number) is issued upon renewal, the department is to notify School Services in order to update Asset Inventory.

Auctioned Vehicle/Trailers

Title paperwork is processed through School Services by appointment only.