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Student Safety Assessment

Mansfield ISD's student safety assessment and threat management process was initiated to comply with Texas Senate Bill 11 mandates and to align our safety and security plans with best-in-class violence prevention initiatives.

Our Focus and Goals

The district understands how important it is to respond to safety concerns early with the goal to prevent escalation. Concerning behavior indicators may be expressed in a variety of ways, including social media activity, verbal or written statements and student outcries or behaviors.

The goal of our student safety assessment and threat management program is to implement formal processes to recognize, report and assess reported concerns so that effective management strategies can be implemented to help de-escalate concerning behaviors.

Adapted from the Salem-Keizer School District Student Threat Assessment and Management System, MISD's program is non-punitive and entirely separate from existing disciplinary or criminal violation consequences.

Reporting Concerning Behavior

Our program’s framework promotes active involvement from our staff, students, parents and the community because safety and security impacts everyone. We encourage active involvement by asking all stakeholders to report any threats or concerns they see and hear through our student safety assessment reporting tool.

The primary purpose of the student safety assessment reporting tool is to prevent targeted violence by analyzing the facts and behaviors in a given situation. To prevent a concerning behavior from escalating or possibly starting, review some of our tips for identifying potential threats.

Report a Threat

All reported incidences are investigated for potentially harmful or lethal behavior. Investigations will determine the level of concern, assess required action and organize any necessary resources and student support strategies.

Questions and Concerns

Questions regarding the program can be answered by contacting your campus principal or Britney Fortner, Director of Safety, Security and Threat Management, at 682-314-5195.

If you have concerns of imminent danger, please contact the MISD Police Department at 817-299-6000 or dial 911.