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Our Framework

Safety and Security Framework Diagram

The MISD Safety and Security Department utilizes multiple initiatives to deliver best-in-class objectives. We developed a safety and security framework that utilizes a balanced approach between different initiatives to promote student, staff and visitor safety. 

Our plans, called our Safety and Security Ecosystem Framework, are based on multiple layers that include:

Hardening of Campuses (Physical Security)

We operate and maintain approximately 2,000 state-of-the-art internet protocol cameras which gives crucial personnel the ability to view live video 24/7.

Our campuses are equipped with security cameras, video intercoms, duress alarms, fire and intrusion alarm systems. We also have secured entrance vestibules at every school and a visitor registry system to help ensure our students have a safe place to learn.

All visitors are screened (National Sex Offender Database Search) before being given access to our campuses using a nationally recognized visitor management system. Classroom doors are equipped with commercial-grade locksets and glass panes at critical locations have been reinforced with security film hardening.  

Our team is responsible for maintaining and installing cameras, access control mechanisms, badge provisioning, and fire alarms and suppression systems.

Collaborative Safety and Security Culture

All staff members receive safety and security training to all function as members of our safety and security team. In addition to continuous training, we have a mobile application that allows users to provide information anonymously. 

Behavioral Threat Assessment and Risk Mitigation

The district understands how important it is to respond to safety concerns early on before they escalate. Our threat assessment and management framework promotes active involvement from our staff, students, parents and the community because safety and security impacts us all. We encourage active involvement by asking all stakeholders to report any threats they see and hear through our threat assessment reporting tool.

Emergency Management

Having plans and making preparations to manage and overcome natural and human-made disasters is critical. In the event of an emergency, our staff have been trained in emergency processes and work collaboratively with local, city and county law enforcement officials to ensure these processes are efficient.

MISD Police

The safety and security team works in partnership with our district's police department and our school resource officers who play a critical role in promoting campus safety.