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Racial Profiling

The Mansfield Independent School District Police Department’s racial profiling policy is consistent with all state and federal laws. The policies put into place include provisions for citizens to contact the department if they have conflict with a Mansfield Independent School District police officer.

The data analysis documented within the Racial Profiling Report for the last calendar year (2020-21) suggests that the MISD Police Department is not currently experiencing a problem regarding racial profiling practices. The data was submitted to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) as required by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures Article 2.131-2.138. The public can obtain the latest electronic copy of racial profiling reports from TCOLE.

Citizens feeling that they have a legitimate concern may make a formal complaint to the MISD Police Department at any time. Information on the complaint process may be obtained from any member of this department.

Additional information about this process may be obtained by calling us at (817) 299-6000 or by completing the Citizen Complaint Form.

MISD police officers are well-trained professionals who work together as a team, adapt to changing environments, and reflect the values of the Mansfield Independent School District while providing a safe learning environment for our students, staff, and visitors.