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Crossing Guard Program

school crossing guard photo

The Mansfield ISD Police Department uses part-time civilian employees to serve as school crossing guards. Crossing guards provide a safe environment for students at selected street crossings and schools throughout the district.

The school crossing guards assist students in crossing streets, monitor vehicle traffic in the area to ensure there are no problems with speeders or other dangerous activity, and provide adult oversight while children are walking to and from school or waiting for a ride.

The MISD Police Department has a staff of 56 crossing guards serving as school crossing guards in the field and one who serves as the section supervisor.

School Crossing Guards serve the following locations:

  • Charlotte Anderson Elementary School (one crossing guard)
  • J.L. Boren Elementary School (two crossing guards)
  • Janet Brockett Elementary (one crossing guard)
  • Willie Brown Elementary (two crossing guard)
  • Kenneth Davis Elementary (one crossing guard)
  • Glenn Harmon Elementary (two crossing guard)
  • Carol Holt Elementary School (one crossing guard)
  • Judy K. Miller Elementary School (two crossing guards)
  • D.P. Morris Elementary (two crossing guards)
  • Erma Nash Elementary School (one crossing guard)
  • Nancy Neal Elementary School (two crossing guard)
  • Brenda Norwood Elementary School (one crossing guard)
  • Annette Perry Elementary School (one crossing guard)
  • Alice Ponder Elementary (one crossing guard)
  • Martha Reid Elementary (two crossing guards)
  • Mary Jo Sheppard Elementary (four crossing guards)
  • Elizabeth Smith Elementary School (one crossing guard)
  • Roberta Tipps Elementary (two crossing guards)
  • Della Icenhower Intermediate School (three crossing guards)
  • Mary Lillard Intermediate School (five crossing guards)
  • Asa Low Intermediate School (four crossing guards)
  • Alma Martinez Intermediate School (one crossing guard)
  • Mary Orr Intermediate School (three crossing guards)
  • Donna Shepard Intermediate School (two crossing guards)
  • Linda Jobe Middle School (three crossing guards)
  • Danny Jones Middle School (four crossing guards)
  • T.A. Howard Middle School (one crossing guard)
  • Charlene McKinzey Middle School (three crossing guards)
  • Brooks Wester Middle School (four crossing guards)
  • Rogene Worley Middle School (one crossing guard)
  • Summit High School (one crossing guard)
  • Timberview High School (one crossing guard)

Guidelines for Determining Where Crossing Guards are needed:
Adult school crossing guards are assigned at locations near schools where school aged pedestrians need supervision and assistance to safely cross public streets. Adult school crossing guards may be provided under the following conditions:

  • At uncontrolled street crossings with a designated crosswalk
  • At stop sign controlled street crossings
  • Or at a traffic signal controlled street crossings

For more information about School Crossing Guards, please contact Mansfield ISD Police at 817-299-6000.