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The MISD Induction/Mentoring Program is uniquely designed to provide the support and mentoring necessary for the growth and development of teachers.

It is the goal of MISD to attract, support and retain the very best educators. The KEEPS Program will provide ongoing knowledge-based encounters that will saturate incoming teachers with a network of support to foster personal and professional success.

Research & Training

The foundation for the research and training modules for KEEPS consist of various best practice resources, strategies and tips for Mentoring and Induction Programs. The program design, subsequent training activities and program forms were developed locally to support this basic framework of beliefs.

Research & Training Guide


  • The Rationale for Mentoring
  • Understanding the New Teacher
  • New Teacher Development
  • Selecting Mentors
  • Mentor Characteristics and Roles
  • Categories of Support
  • Types of Mentoring
  • Obstacles to Mentoring

Professional Development Resources

The Mansfield KEEPS Mentoring Program promotes and supports continual professional development. We have provided our program members with several invaluable books to help develop and implement effective procedures, instruction, and professional growth.

The following books are suggested and required readings for the KEEPS program:

Classroom Management Book Cover

The Classroom Management Book
- Harry K. Wong & Rosemary T. Wong
This is a solutions book. It shows educators how to create a safe and positive environment for student learning and achievement to take place.

How it it used in KEEPS? Advisor review; Mentor-Mentee Collaboration

First-Year Survival Book Cover
The First-Year Teacher's Survival Guide
- Julia G. Thompson

This survival guide includes everything from ready-to-use strategies, tools as well as activities to meet the challenges of each day of school. 

How it it used in KEEPS? Advisor review; Mentor-Mentee Collaboration

The Fundamental Five Book Cover

The Fundamental Five
- Sean Cain & Mike Laird
This book shares a simple plan for dramatically improving the effectiveness of classroom instruction. The explanations and strategies for implementing the “Fundamental Five” are at the heart of this book.

How it it used in KEEPS? Districtwide instructional focus; Advisor-Mentee discussion

End of Molasses Classes Cover

The End of Molasses Classes: Getting Our Kids Unstuck - 101 Extraordinary Solutions for Parents and Teachers
- Ron Clark
This book's practical, innovative and powerful methods enliven the classroom and ignite a passion for learning in each and every child. It is time to get on the desk and make every school in America the absolute best it can be.

How it it used in KEEPS? Personal book study; inspiring teacher-student moments

Why Didn't I Learn This in College Book Cover

Why Didn't I Learn This in College?
- Paula Rutherford
This book provides the "mentee" with a wide array of strategies for actively engaging students, gathering pre-assessment data, integrating literacy across the curriculum, developing vocabulary, checking for understanding, building a classroom learning community and scaffolding instruction for diverse learners.

How it it used in KEEPS? Advisor review; Mentor-Mentee Collaboration

101 AnswersBook Cover

101 "Answers" for New Teachers and Their Mentors
- Annette L. Breaux
This bestseller, now in its third edition, has remained popular, relevant and a must-read for new teachers, mentors, administrators, and staff development professionals. Appropriate for individual or collaborative study, this book provides simple, practical solutions to the challenges experienced by both new and veteran teachers, including: managing the classroom.

How it it used in KEEPS? Tuesday Tip; Mentor-Mentee Collaboration

The Excellent 11 Book Cover

The Excellent 11: An Award Winning Teacher's Guide to Raising Children Who Love to Learn
- Ron Clark

While students learn best in an environment where the expectations are clear and consistent, they also kick their achievements up a notch or two when their instructors are energetic and inspired. That's where the new book "The Excellent 11" picks up.

How it it used in KEEPS? Mentor-Mentee Collaboration

Curriculum Corner

The KEEPS Mentoring Program is committed to providing our teachers with the resources to teach at the highest level possible and ensure that all students are learning. The teacher is the most influential aspect of the classroom as it relates to student growth and learning. Vision 2020 guides the districts focus and direction for curriculum and instruction. 

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