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The KEEPS Program is a two-year program for first and second-year teachers new to MISD.

The goal of the KEEPS Program is to provide a network of professional resources for incoming teachers to access information and receive training and mentoring. This mentoring will be provided through ongoing knowledge-based encounters between the new teacher and mentor in helping to improve teacher performance.

Some of the benefits new teachers gain from the program are:

  • Mentoring Support (1-on-1 Mentor-Mentee Relationships)
  • District and Campus Orientations
  • Professional Growth Resources
  • Collaboration / Observation Time
  • Campus-Level New Teacher Meetings
  • District-Level Conferences
  • Appreciation Event
  • Year-End Recognition and Reflection
  • Mutual Support
  • Professional Growth

Roles & Responsibilities

Director: The Director of Human Resource Development provides district leadership and direction to the development and implementation of the MISD KEEPS Program. Responsibilities include program development, program communications and training/staff development opportunities for advisors, mentors and mentees.  

Lead Advisor: The term, Lead Advisor, is used to identify the Advisor(s) who help with the overall planning and continued development of KEEPS as well as the coordination of all KEEPS Activities for Mentors and Mentees. The Lead Advisor serves as a liaison between Campus Advisors and the Director.

Campus Advisor: The term, Advisor, is used to identify those teachers who coordinate the KEEPS Program on their local campus. Advisors work closely with the Director to implement all of the program components of KEEPS and serve as the liaison between the campus program and the central office.

Mentor: The term, Mentor, is used to identify those teachers who are assigned a Mentee in the KEEPS Program. Mentors will be paired with mentees to provide professional development and personal growth opportunities for the duration of the two-year program.

Mentee: The term, Mentee, is used to identify those teachers in their first or second year of teaching who receive support through the KEEPS Program for two years. Experienced teachers, new to Mansfield ISD, are not typically part of KEEPS; however, Principals are able to recommend them for the program as needed.

KEEPS Year 1 Mentee: 1st and 2nd year teachers that are new to the district

KEEPS Year 2 Mentee: Year 1 mentees in their second year with the district

Principal Recommendations: Teachers, who are new to the district, with 3+ years of experience and are recommended for the KEEPS by their Campus Principal.

Mentee Reflections